Oui! Oui!

2011-03-22 13:45:16

Forget the posh French restaurants with their Michelin prefixes. Donna Mah shows you where to go for great French food that won't break the bank.

Tempting lunch treats

2011-03-22 13:43:25

The first thing you notice is a big blue hourglass taking pride of place on the table at Jade on 36 - that is, after you've torn your eyes away from the impressive window views of the Whampoa River. An hourglass?

Once more, with filling

2011-03-22 12:34:08

The arrival of warmer weather means lots of green, red and orange in the market. What better way to celebrate spring than with a feast of vegetables, Pauline D. Loh says.

Arrival of iconic vintage causes ripples of excitement

2011-03-22 11:01:48

The release of new vintages from Penfolds is always a special moment.News that samples of eight of the 2008 and 2009 special bin wines had arrived for review sent ripples of anticipation among my colleagues. This and later columns will consider those wines.

French chefs put differences aside for sake of cuisine

2011-03-22 10:47:17

Fifteen top French chefs have joined forces to promote French cooking around the world.The chefs recently founded their unusual organization, which they named the Culinary College of France, at a breakfast meeting held in the first floor restaurant of the Eiffel Tower.

Pu-er: Yunnan's winning tea

2011-03-16 15:45:49

Named after a town in Yunnan province, the place where it originated, pu-er tea is a winner of a tea. It is made from rather large leaves that are oxidized twice in a process that imparts a very special earthy flavor.

Family feel meat-free cuisine

2011-03-16 13:50:25

My Home is a welcome addition to the very limited vegetarian dining scene in Beijing, which is largely marked by dishes made to look like real meat. The growing number of vegetable eaters should be well pleased with the dishes served here.

So near yet so far from mom's home cooking

2011-03-16 13:50:25

More than 9,500 kilometers away, my mother fumed in her kitchen. Pots and pans collided with a bang as she hurled them into the sink with a huff that said: "You would, too, if you had to put food on the table every night." The news that I might have found her replacement in Beijing had not gone down well.

The history of Chinese imperial food

2011-03-10 14:12:35

Chinese imperial food dates back to slave society. Ever since there were emperors and palaces, there has been imperial food, which was served mainly to the emperors, their wives and concubines, and the royal families. Emperors used their power to collect the best delicacies and called upon the best cooks to make delicious food for them.

Small but yummy - snacks in Shanghai

2011-03-10 14:12:35

Refreshments and snacks from all over China and the world are available in Shanghai. Local snacks in Shanghai have their specialties and should not be missed.

Top10 Chinese food restaurants in Shanghai

2011-03-07 14:06:31

Dynasty is known as one of Shanghai's top Cantonese restaurants with centuries-old history. It boasts the some high level chefs who often serve the visiting heads of stated at special banquets.

A cozy Dutch treat

2011-03-06 07:46:03

The Orange Tree isn't a new restaurant. It's been around since September 1997 and has always been at this location. As an independent chef-owned restaurant, the food has to be good to keep customers coming back.