Dumplings take star billing

2010-03-26 09:30:52

An Olympic torch has pride of place in the middle of the room, photos line the walls and hundreds of notes cover the middle pillar of the Meihua Jiaren (Plum flower Family) Dumpling Restaurant.

Jancis is the genie of the wine bottle

2010-03-20 07:34:38

British Master of Wine Jancis Robinson says she's surprised the Chinese market seems to focus almost solely on red wines.

Food that 'touches the heart'

2010-03-20 07:34:38

Drinking tea and eating little snacks called dim-sum is a way of life for Cantonese. Pauline D Loh examines 'yum-cha' culture

Global face of stinging taste

2010-03-20 07:34:38

The plain-speaking owner of one of the country's most popular restaurants tells Ye Jun why she thinks Sichuan cuisine is set to take flight

Man's last bet pays off with sports restaurant

2010-03-19 09:58:28

Restaurants kick off discount promotions for various reasons: the anniversary of an opening, the coming of festivals or Valentine's Day.

The Middle 8th offers Yunnan's pleasures

2010-03-19 09:56:55

Bad omens rarely come during calls to book a restaurant table. Not so at The Middle 8th, tucked back in a Sanlitun alley.

Vietnamese victuals at Va Va Voom

2010-03-19 09:55:23

Take advantage of the chance to enjoy Vietnamese cuisine at Va Va Voom, with an authentic Vietnamese Chef behind the delicious creations that makes mouths water.

Pot luck!

2010-03-13 10:13:15

Hot pots in China come with a vast variety of soups and ingredients. Pauline D Loh looks at this unique way of feasting together

Distilling change

2010-03-13 10:06:15

While drinking liquor is still largely viewed as a 'guy thing', one whisky expert sees more Asian women imbibing stiffer tipples.

China bigger market than U.S. for crisis-hit Bordeaux

2010-03-12 09:14:58

China has become the biggest export market for Bordeaux wines outside the European Union as overall exports have collapsed due to the economic crisis and a strong euro put some wines beyond U.S. and British buyers.

Why gruel is cool

2010-03-06 09:29:37

In our family, the clash of cultures is most apparent when it comes to a simple pot of porridge.

Salad days and cold cuts

2010-02-27 09:53:32

After a full week of feasting and bingeing, it's time to eat light and let the tummies recuperate.