Hotel offers the unusual: a real veal deal

2011-03-06 07:46:03

There are three choices for the main course: "filet Rossini" prepared at your table with pan seared veal tenderloin, foie gras and truffle; combination of veal shank and kidney en croute with cod fish, and sauted veal sweetbreads and Cajun-spiced chicken liver.

High steaks

2011-03-06 07:46:03

There is no shortage of restaurants and bars where you can spend a night out in downtown Shanghai. Among dozens of dazzling choices, The Strip Prime Steakhouse has recently grabbed gourmets' attention.

Sharing a pot of fondue is a romantic experience

2011-03-05 07:35:27

The French word fondue (fondue = to melt) describes a very old traditional method of spearing bread cubes onto a long fork and dipping them into melted cheese. At the time it was "invented" it was an ideal way of using up old bread.

Beefing up Beijing's fine dining

2011-03-03 10:42:31

The latest culinary creation to get the capital's taste buds tingling is the world's most expensive steaks. Two fine dining restaurants in Beijing are serving up steaks from cuts of the most tender and succulent meat sourced from thousands of miles away.

Satisfy your Cajun cravin?via jambalaya

2011-02-26 07:40:11

With Mardi Gras and the Academy Awards on the horizon, this weekend offers two festive reasons to put together a quick dinner party.Jambalaya is a New Orleans classic that's easy to prepare ahead in a slow cooker, or whip up in a half-hour on the stovetop.

A feast for the senses

2011-02-26 07:40:11

Suzhou's most famous restaurant chain is known for its fine dining. Now you can get up close and personal with the gourmet chef over a sizzling grill, as Raymond Zhou finds out.There is a subtle trade-off while dining at the newest addition to the epicurean paradise that is Suzhou.

Savoring the best of East China

2011-02-27 07:58:30

Yum Kitchen is a newly opened Zhejiang cuisine restaurant with rather good food quality. The eatery in Focus Mall at Wangjing provides some of East China's most popular dishes, presented in an innovative way.

Comforts of a Mediterranean table

2011-02-27 07:58:30

In Hong Kong you can find almost any cuisine, but one of the most popular (and numerous) seems to be Italian. All good Italian restauranteurs will happily tell you about their ingredients and how they select them.

Seven days of deals

2011-02-27 07:58:30

Eat your way across the city as restaurants woo new customers in unison. It's the week that never ends. Shanghai Restaurant Week can make a hungry miser's dreams come true, and that means meals at dozens of the best restaurants in the city are available for a steal.

Cutting techniques in chinese cooking

2011-02-25 09:52:29

To cut straight and then cross with sideways cuts to produce varied patterns. When heated, the ingredients cut in this way will roll up into different forms such as chrysanthemums, wheat ears and scales, according to the ways they are cut.

Learn to cook boiled salted young soy beans

2011-02-25 09:29:54

Wash the soy bean clean and cut off both ends so as to allow them to absorb the liquid during boiling. Put the water in a pot, bring to boil, add the salt, aniseed, fennel, and young soy beans to boil for 20 minutes.

Southern simplicity

2011-02-24 10:07:34

A few steps into the Hakka Town restaurant's dining room transports visitors to what seems like a rustic southern eatery where guests can explore a different side of Han cuisine and culture.