Hotel listings

2011-01-17 13:46:07

Legendale Hotel Beijing has prepared two kinds of delicious Chinese New Year sticky cake gift boxes with two flavors - caramel and turnip. Niangao, or sticky cake, is a traditional Chinese New Year dessert and requires at least seven hours of steaming.

Reunion countdown

2011-01-17 13:42:42

It seemed just a blink and a burp ago that we were feasting at the Christmas table. And now the countdown to the Spring Festival begins. Pauline D. Loh preps for the reunion dinner.

Agua ready to charm yet again

2011-01-17 13:31:29

For many, the reopening of Agua Spanish Restaurant has been long-awaited. The restaurant was launched at Ch'ien Men 23 and enjoyed a good reputation, with several Beijing publications citing it as their pick for best restaurant.

Food like grandma used to make

2011-01-17 13:28:34

With lines of local customers waiting out of The Grandma's at 3 pm on a Monday afternoon for dinner, you can't dispute the fact that family-style dining is the latest trend in Shanghai.

Michelin-rated dim sum for the hols

2011-01-17 13:27:53

When guests arrive from abroad, Cantonese dim sum is almost always on their lists of things to do in Hong Kong.

The Tao of food

2008-04-21 10:17:14

It's no secret that the Chinese have always cherished exquisitely prepared, thoughtfully presented and delicious food. In China business has long been conducted over banquet tables and every Chinese friend will tell foreigners that no meeting or social gathering is considered complete without a good meal.


2007-11-08 14:45:26

Guangzhou residents like to "Yum Cha" which literally means "drinking tea," especially morning tea. When they meet in the morning, they usually greet each other with "Have you drunk tea?" Drinking tea has become a habit of Guangzhou residents.

Tempting the gods

2011-01-12 15:10:37

The best provincial cuisines in Beijing are reportedly always where the provincial administrative centers are. If that is true, then Bamin Restaurant, which serves refined Fujian cuisine, is certainly at the right place.

The Chinoise Story

2010-12-21 13:55:21

A special year-end menu featuring indulgent and decadent Chinese delicacies for the fall and winter.

Inertia can be delicious

2011-01-13 09:36:36

The "ancient city" of Pingle, as it is often called, is 90 km west of downtown Chengdu, Sichuan province, but does not appear to be that ancient if you're inside the funky Music Memories bar, in the city square, on the southern bank of the Baimo River.

Economy of scale

2011-01-12 15:11:33

The Shanghainese have long been known as shrewd bargain hunters. And now, they've married this skill with the latest online innovation from the United States - group purchase - or what is popularly known as tuangou in Chinese.

Pies that rise to the occasion

2011-01-12 15:10:08

A piece of warm crusty pie on a chilly winter's day is ultimate comfort food, and for Hong Kong residents, the options are pretty wide when it comes to a nice slice.