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Hubei specialty and snack

Updated: 2011-02-23 17:36
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Dongpo Cake

Dongpo cake is named after Su Dongpo, the famous litterateur in Song Dynasty, for his favor towards this snack when he was exiled to Huangzhou. It is a traditional dish in Huangzhou and E’zhou with a long history. Now it is served in the vegetarian restaurant of Guiyuan Buddhism Temple in Hanyang and is well received by local citizens.

Hubei specialty and snack

Xianning Sweet Osmanthus

Xianning Sweet Osmanthus also worth a visit are the Osmanthus Gardens, one of the most favorite products from Xianning. The Osmanthus flower is mainly used for Osmanthus flower tea, which is very good for your health. 1.500.000 Osmanthus trees of more then 20 varieties are painted here with a production of 400.000 kg Osmanthus flowers a year.

Hubei specialty and snack

Xiaogan Rice Beverage

Xiaogan Rice Beverage is a famous product with over thousand -year history. It is made of local fine glutinous rice and traditional distiller's yeast. Thanks to its pure and fine raw materials and unique production process, Xiaogan rice beverage looks clear, smells fragrant and tastes delicious. In 1958, Chairman Mao Zedong praised it as "good taste and mellow rice beverage" after tasting when he once inspected Xiaogan city. "Shenlin Brand" rice beverage has carried on and developed its traditional features. It becomes the most popular product among its same kind, and won the gold medal at the every China International Food Fair. In 1998, it has been granted to use "Green Food" label. In addition to rice beverage the Company has developed a series of soft drinks with fruits and vegetables tastes.

Hubei specialty and snack

"Xiaogan Brand" sesame chips

"Xiaogan Brand" sesame chips have a Character of fragrant, sweet, crisp. Due to all raw materials free of Chemical pollution, no additive, the products are naturally green food as well as health food. Since it won the national silver medal in 1981, Xiaogan sesame chips has been awarded the gold medal many times at the international and domestic food fairs. Also in 1994 it was praised as " Unique in China" by Zu Jiahua, the vice premier of the State Council, and won “Real and super Cup” --the only honor of Hubei province in 1995, it won the first prize of " Star of Science" at the First China International Food Fair. In 1998, it was awarded "International Gold Prize" and “famous brand products in China market" in the Fourth China International Food Fair.

Hubei specialty and snack

Fried Bean Curd Sheets

Fried Bean Curd Sheets stuffed with three delicacies are a classic Wuhan breakfast. To make this dish, bean curd (or tofu) is stuffed with pork meat, egg and shrimp. Good sheets are fairly thin and made with pure water at a low temperature. Sheets fried according to such requirements are crispy on the outside and soft inside.

The best place to sample this specialty is Laotongcheng Restaurant, which has added new ingredients to the stuffing including mushrooms, magnolia petals and bacon.

Hubei specialty and snack

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