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Tianjin snacks

Updated: 2011-02-23 17:32
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Tianjin is proud of its delicious snacks that are renowned throughout China. They are generally characterized by a bit salty but strong flavors that have been evolving and developing since the area was first settled in the sixth century.

The various traditional and famous snacks in Tianjin cannot be missed should you ever come to this charming metropolis.

Most Tianjin snacks use flour as their most important ingredient. Among the great variety of snacks of Tianjin, the most renowned are the so-called "Three Unique Delicacies of Tianjin," which include "goubuli bao zi" (Goubuli steamed stuffed buns), "shibajie ma hua" (18th Street fried dough twists) and "er duo yan zha gao" (ear-hole-like fried rice cakes). In Tianjin, you can see an endless array of snack stands and restaurants offering such delicacies that will captivate your senses.

Eight Great Bowls

The Eight Great Bowls, a combination of eight mainly meat dishes are every popular with Tianjin citizens. They can be further classified into several varieties, including the "rough" and "smooth" types. The "rough" eight great bowls consist of fried shrimp, boiled chicken and seared carp.

Tianjin snacks

The "smooth" eight great bowls refer to such dishes as fish fillet, boiled shrimp and Sichuan shredded meat. The eight great bowls are often served at banquets.

Tianjin snacks

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