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First lady takes in some Peking Opera

[2014-03-23 02:30]

United States first lady Michelle Obama took time out from her China itinerary to watch a Peking Opera drama about monkeys with US students and teachers at the Summer Palace in Beijing on Saturday.

Studying abroad remains vital ingredient of US foreign policy

[2014-03-23 02:27]

Calling study abroad programs "a vital part of America's foreign policy", Michelle Obama says it could help young people cooperate with each other.

Michelle Obama visits Summer Palace

[2014-03-22 16:46]

US first lady met her Chinese counterpart on Friday, a long-anticipated encounter during a week-long trip to promote education and cultural ties.

First lady promotes 'citizen diplomacy'

[2014-03-22 14:20]

United States first lady Michelle Obama encouraged increasing numbers of young people to study abroad and called for more education and cultural exchanges between China and the US.

Xi looking forward to meeting with Obama

[2014-03-21 21:28]

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday said he was looking forward to a meeting with US President Barack Obama in The Hague, Holland.

US first lady shows character during maiden visit to China

[2014-03-22 00:56]

US first lady Michelle Obama said she was amazed by the country’s culture when she tried her hand at Chinese calligraphy for the first time on Friday.

First ladies visit Forbidden City

[2014-03-22 08:25]

Amateur photographer Wang Yipeng has been taking pictures of the Forbidden City for many years. He never expected an opportunity to take a photo of Peng Liyuan, who accompanied US first lady Michelle Obama on her visit to China.

Obama's foreign jaunts

[2014-03-22 08:25]

Recap of where US first lady Michelle Obama has visited in the past.

The First Lady's Travel Journal

[2014-03-22 08:25]

Editor's note: US first lady Michelle is posting a daily travel blog about her visit in China.

Dozens crowd school gate to catch glimpse of Obama

[2014-03-22 08:25]

On an early and bright Friday morning of blue skies, people began gathering outside the Second High School Attached to Beijing Normal University, each wearing excited and anticipatory looks on their faces.

Barack left to walk dogs while Michelle's away

[2014-03-21 16:38]

US first lady Michelle Obama is visiting China while President Obama is staying at home to "walk the dogs."

US students coach Michelle Obama on Chinese characters

[2014-03-21 16:18]

Two exchange students from the US who have been in Beijing Normal University's High School No.2 for a year, met with Peng Liyuan and Michelle Obama, March 21, 2014.

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