Inbound FDI climbs despite trade disputes

Despite the Sino-US trade dispute, China has attracted a great deal of foreign direct investment from diversified sources in the first seven months of 2019, laying a solid footing for the second half, experts and company leaders said on Tuesday.

70 Years On XPCC

New Silk Road helps wealth bloom in desert

Editor's note: As the People's Republic of China prepares to celebrate its 70th anniversary on Oct 1, China Daily is featuring a series of stories on the role regions have played in the country's development and where they are today.


Shootings prompt outcry over social media

Shootings in two US cities this month that left 31 people dead and 53 wounded have set off a national outcry over the role of social media in distributing extremist content online.


Service sector gets a fresh policy boost

Shanghai municipal government has announced a total of 40 policies to further open up the city's service industry, in the hope of creating a comprehensive round of opening-up of Shanghai and further enhancing the city's competitiveness in the international market.


Night tours become popular

Nighttime tours and performances are becoming increasingly popular in China, as rising daytime temperatures are cooling the fervor for visiting popular tourist spots and other attractions, a new report said.


Telling tales via word of mouth

Listening allows the imagination to run wild which is why audio books and shows have sprinted into popularity recently. The spoken word is both able to soothe and inspire.


Ayi? Guma? Yifu? The 'Chinese relatives name game'

When I married into a Chinese family, nobody ever warned me about the complicated "Chinese relatives name game "I would need to navigate - a world of completely novel terms for family members that have no exact equivalents in my native language of English.


Delivering big thrills on a budget

Last Thursday night's spectacular opening ceremony of the Second National Youth Games had a wow factor befitting a major world championships.