China's top diplomat Wang Yi on Saturday warned Japan that "there is no room for compromise" on two issues of principle - history and territory.

A more comprehensive cooperation between China's Heilongjiang province and Russia was called for by Lu Hao, governor of Heilongjiang on Friday.

Total expenditure on environmental protection reached $163.2b in 2013, with another $816b earmarked for the emerging sector until 2015.

The most distinct feature of China's diplomacy in 2013 is the enterprising and innovative spirit, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Saturday.

China will give full play to the country's role as a major responsible country in 2014, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Saturday.

China will make sure that China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination continues to grow from strength to strength, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at a press conference on Saturday.

Wang Yi regards it a great honor but heavy responsibility to engage in the diplomatic service.

China's initiatives on the Silk Road aim to boost its economic and trade cooperation with other countries in the region, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Saturday, adding that China remains open to other countries that are willing to participate.

Worldwide help, 24/7

2014-03-08 14:18

China's Foreign Ministry vows on Saturday to better protect and serve Chinese citizens abroad by setting
up a worldwide 24-hour hotline.

Big rise in Chinese overseas
FM Wang Yi speaks on foreign policy
Regulation meant to protect overseas workers

President Xi Jinping's historic visit to Europe in late March will boost cooperation between China and the continent, which has priority status in China's diplomatic agenda this year, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Saturday.

China is continuing to talk with related parties over the Ukrainian issue and would like to play a constructive role for a political settlement of the issue, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Saturday.

China vows no compromise with Japan on history and territory, says Foreign Minister Wang Yi at a press conference on Saturday.

Calls for more equality in the labor market for women and protests against employment discrimination were made to mark International Women's Day.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi calls for the early resumption of six-party talks, saying dialogue is the only solution while confrontation can only lead to chaos.

China will strengthen ties with Latin America and Caribbean States, said Foreign Minister Wang Yi.