China's NPC deputies gave credit to the court system for acquitting 825 defendants in 2013, encouraging them to continue improving judicial credibility.

The number of officials probed for work-related crimes soared by 41.3 percent at the city level and 60 percent at provincial level last year, according to the top procuratorate.

A senior engineer from China's largest ship and ocean engineering research institute wants to see a major transport hub built in the South China Sea, which he said lacks sufficient infrastructure and is hindering economic development in the region.

China will introduce its plans on raising the retirement age before 2020, a senior official has pledged.

A truck driver in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province was stopped by police after he allegedly took a fuel card that belonged to a fueling station on a highway linking Zhejiang to Shanghai, Metro Express reported on Monday.

Hebei province is using its clean, lush environment to attract people with innovative abilities and money to reside there.

Salary increases for public servants in China should be kept within reasonable limits.

The Inner Mongolia autonomous region, the biggest source of raw milk in China, will carry out a series of measures to tackle its recent milk shortage.

China's political advisor Yu Zhengsheng on Monday stressed adherence to the "rule of law" in Tibet.

Developing small and medium-sized enterprises should be a Chinese national strategy, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange chairman said.

An expert has urged the government to build quakeproof homes in areas prone to earthquakes.

More than 800 people in China had their convictions overturned in 2013, the Supreme People's Court said on Monday.

The country should have some government-granted monopoly products exclusively made by the disabled, to further raise their employment rate and livelihood, an expert has suggested.

The government should develop a plan to protect the country's ancient meteorological stations, a political adviser said.

China's procuratorates investigated and punished 210 prosecutors in 2013 for violating laws and regulations, as part of an ongoing campaign to "eradicate the black sheep" from among the judicial staff.