Chongqing's Party Chief Sun Zhengcai said violent crime in the southwestern municipality dropped 14.2 percent last year compared with the previous year, and the society is stable.

Wuzhong, home of the Hui ethnic group, is proposing to the National People's Congress to speed up the development of the city into the country's biggest domestic and international industrial cluster for buying, processing and selling halal products - foods allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines.

When China turns to the seas, it is to share -and to prosper.

China can better respond if governments more directly engage nonprofits, from international NGOs to grassroots groups.

As heavy smog continues to blanket most of China's northern and central regions, Shanxi province, North China's coal hub, has pledged to restore and protect the natural environment through reforestation programs and cleaner technologies.

The Shanghai Futures Exchange is ready to roll out the country's first yuan-denominated crude oil futures, which it hopes will become a benchmark in Asia before gaining global influence.

With liquidity in China remaining generally abundant, there's renewed discussion about how financial resources can be distributed more efficiently.

Nicholas Lardy, a leading authority in the United States on China's economy, felt a slight difference in the tone of Premier Li's Government Work Report.

The coal industry in North China's Shanxi province faces mounting pressure to get financing amid slumping coal prices and increasing debts, as experts call for greater freedom for non-governmental financial institutions.

Prosecutors nationwide will clamp down on corrupt officials this year and step up the hunt for those who have fled abroad, according to the top procurator.

China will approve five private banks on a trial basis, the latest move in opening the previously-closed sector to private capital, according to the country's banking regulator.

Does taking a shower at the school public baths cost too much? Is the water tap in your dormitory not working? Or is the basketball court too dark to use at night without lighting?

The government should come up with a soil pollution control act for better protection of the ever-worsening soil conditions.

China is set to introduce a population projection and assessment mechanism to better guide government decision-making in resource allocation and reproduction policies, according to a national political adviser.

More than 60 percent of respondents to a survey want the number of blue-sky days to be recorded as an achievement of local government performance, and as a specific measure to control haze, China Youth Daily reported on Tuesday.