Daily Wrap: Opening report

2014-03-05 08:33

Kunming terrorist attack casts shadow on the two sessions, but focus on tough anti-corruption measures shines through. Celebrities find their way into the spotlight.Highlights of NDRC press conference

China targets economic growth of around 7.5% in 2014, and will "declare war" on pollution, go after corruption "without mercy" and crack down on terrorism.

China will fight back "forcefully" if any country tries to challenge its "bottom line" and drag China into war, a political adviser and former Defense Ministry official said on Tuesday.

Peace can only be preserved with strength, the spokeswoman for China's top legislature said on Tuesday, in one of the strongest responses to concerns over growing military power.

China's top political advisor Yu Zhengsheng Tuesday stressed further reform to provide high-quality and equal education service for the people.

Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli on Tuesday called to speed up public hospital reforms and support medical services run by social capital.

Premier Li Keqiang stressed Tuesday that China must deepen reforms and maintain a stable, sound economic growth as the country is still facing a complicated situation in economy.

Wang Qishan, head of the Communist Party of China's disciplinary organ, on Tuesday called for stepped-up efforts to crack down corruption.

Chinese President Xi Jinping calls for zero tolerance for any words or actions that damage the unity of the country's ethnic groups.

China does not allow commercial production of any genetically modified staple foods, but the country needs to stay on top of the technology.

The head of the Palace Museum, Shan Jixiang, suggested parking lot and administrative offices be moved out of the Forbidden City as the museum is facing an increasing pressure of "space security."

The People's Bank of China will not ban Yu'ebao, said governor Zhou Xiaochuan, on Tuesday, soothing jittery users of the service which has poached traditional financing long dominated by banks

A spokesperson for China's top legislature on Tuesday defended the country's national defense policies, saying the road to peaceful development will not change for China.

China's top legislature will offer legal support as the country deepens reform in a comprehensive manner, a spokeswoman for the annual session of National People's Congress said here Tuesday.

China's top legislature will continue to review the environmental protection law draft amendment and plan for laws on water and soil pollution prevention and control, a spokeswoman said Tuesday.