The Chinese government will closely monitor the demographic situation and improve the family planning policy based on the changes.

Delegates from Jilin province attending the ongoing annual session of the National People's Congress said on Thursday that smog prevention should be a top priority.

President Xi Jinping Thursday encourages Guangdong province to speed up building modern market economy and transforming government functions.

Chengdu will begin construction of its second airport in the first half of next year, and maybe earlier, a senior local official said on Thursday.

A university president believes the new government work report will give rural students from poor areas more opportunities to enroll in key universities.

Oscar-winning film, in which a Chinese spaceship plays a key part, is more than just entertainment, according to the chief designer of China's spaceships.

China's Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu said Thursday that the country will make "appropriate" use of the global grain market but its grain imports are unlikely to surge.

China's agricultural minister Han Changfu stressed Thursday that rural land transfer should be carried out in a gradual and orderly manner and shall not be forced as local governments rush to achieve their reform goals.

A deputy to the National People's Congress has submitted a motion calling for the development of the general aviation business in Chongqing.

The sales revenue of Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Corp is expected to surpass 70 billion yuan ($11.44 billion) in 2014, thanks to booming Internet development, a senior manager of the company said.

Han Changfu, China's top agriculture official, says he eats genetically modified food, mainly soybean oil, in a bid to address widespread safety concerns.

A top government official on Thursday expressed again that, as one of the country's primary economic aims, the expected 7.5 percent GDP growth rate in 2014 is an interval indicator rather than a firm goal.

Former NBA star and Chinese icon Yao Ming on Thursday called for the eradication of sales of illegal animal products through legislation and promotion of animal protection awareness among the public.

China hopes to reform individual income tax rules to prevent families being motivated to divorce to avoid tax when selling second properties.

China will make a greater effort to clean up regional tax incentives in order to ensure that the allocation of resources is determined by market rather than by a variety of regional incentives, Finance Minister Lou Jiwei says.