In a bid to improve income distribution, the Chinese government is mulling more taxes on some luxury products in 2014, said Finance Minister Lou Jiwei.

China has decided to raise the retirement age to fill the pension repayment gap, although a timetable is yet to come out.

China has used "around" when it sets the GDP, inflation and employment target this year, which means growth of 7.3% or 7.2% can still be counted within that range.

Ambassadors talk about Li's speech

Daily wrap: March 6

2014-03-06 08:48

Zhang Guoli, an actor and CPPCC member, said he doubted a television series like House of Cards can be produced in China due to government restrictions.

Delegates told 'no butts'

2014-03-06 08:39

Premier Li Keqiang said on Wednesday that governments at all levels should continue to practice frugality, reduce waste and tighten their belts.

Major tasks for 2014

2014-03-06 08:21

Reform is the top buzzword for China in 2014. China will deepen reforms in a number of fields. Reform will be carried out in the administrative system, such as further streamlining administration and delegating more power to lower-level governments.

An estimated 921 million people, or 65% of China's population, will live in cities in 2024, which is about 2.5 times the size of the US population.

The ongoing reforms in China and the country's growing influence on the scene of int'l affairs will continue to create positive momentum in its co-op with Europe including France.

The Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday China's defense budget increase is "necessary" and "moderate" as the country faces mounting security pressures and its military is in a critical time of reform.

Cases like the deadly attack in Kunming should be handled in a way that avoids linking a terrorist assault with an "ethnic issue".
Li vows tough measures against terrorism

A senior Party leader from Guangdong province vowed to take tougher action against prostitution and crimes linked to the sex trade.

China's ambassador to Japan has dismissed the possibility of a high-level meeting between the two neighbors due to the current state of ties.