China has 'red line' on Korean Peninsula instability

By Zhao Siyuan (
Updated: 2014-03-08 12:44

China will not allow war or instability on the Korean Peninsula, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Saturday.

"The Korean Peninsula is right on China's doorstep. We have a red line, that is, we will not allow war or instability on the Korean Peninsula," Wang said at a press conference on the sidelines of China's annual parliamentary session.

"I believe this is also fully in the interest of the south and north of the peninsula and in the common interest of the whole region," Wang added.

The minister also called for an early resumption of six-party talks, saying dialogue is the only solution while confrontation and war can only lead to chaos.

Comparing denuclearization to climbing a slope, Wang Yi said both require perseverance. He stressed that denuclearization is vital to peace on the peninsula and said China will push for denuclearization no matter how long and steep the slope would be.

Lack of mutual trust is a stumbling block, said Wang, who cited the mistrust between the United States and Democratic People's Republic of Korea as the major reason for tension on the peninsula, along with the suspension of six-party talks.

China expects all the related parties to bring moderation and good will in order to rebuild trust.