Baidu breaks down Teacher’s Day trends

Updated: 2014-09-10 08:33 (chinadaily.com.cn)


Baidu breaks down Teacher’s Day trends

As China marks Teacher's Day on Sept 10, this data map shows how Internet users have searched for the festival from August 10 to Sept 8 on China's biggest search engine Baidu.com.

The X-axis shows keywords related to Teacher's Day displayed according to their relative strength. The Y-axis shows the changes from weaker to stronger demand of certain keywords during this period.

The keyword “Teacher's Day Gift” has seen the most dramatic increase, followed by searches about activity planning, poems, and e-cards.

Also closely related to the keyword are “wishes,” “origin,” and “shouchao bao,” a kind of hand-drawn poster that is popular in elementary schools and usually requires elaborate efforts to write and decorate. The data shows that many students or their parents looked up how to design an impressive poster for Teacher’s Day.

Baidu Index, a service of Baidu.com, analyzes website searches and displays the results in graphics that show trends and targeted keywords. 

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