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Chinese parents' tricks on puppy love

By Ma Danning ( Updated: 2014-02-12 13:36

A Sina Weibo blog asking "what have your parents done to prevent you from engaging in puppy love" became the social networking's most-commented one in 24 hours, with 10,964 weibo users providing various answers.

Some netizens said their parents check their text message record, others that their parents peep at their diaries and would have a serious talk with them if their parents found something questionable. There are also some people who said their parents talked to their children' classmates and close friends, trying to find out whether they were in love.

Other most-mentioned ways include "Never let me out during the holidays," "They tell me puppy love will have a negative effect on my studies" and "My parents said I look ugly so can't find my true love."

In fact, Chinese parents not only keep an eye on their children when they are at school, their worrisome hearts focus more on their children's love life when they became adults.

Recently, China's popular dating website launched a video advertisement featuring a young lady getting married at the urging of her grandmother to show filial piety. It has ignited strong opposition among Chinese Internet users, being slapped as propagating improper anachronistic values that stifle individual freedom.

Despite the online uproar, the fact that Chinese parents impose great pressure on their children's love lives is expected to continue. It is quite common for Chinese parents to persuade their children to find a boyfriend or girlfriend and arrange blind dates for them.



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