China welcomes early establishment of interim Libyan govt

Updated: 2011-09-14 09:27


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BEIJING - China said Tuesday that it looks forward to the establishment of an interim Libyan government at an early date and a peaceful and orderly regime transition in the war-torn country.

"The situation in Libya has changed greatly and the country has entered a key phase toward reconstruction," said Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu at a regular press briefing, adding that China hopes political and economic reconstruction will take place quickly there to safeguard the country's unity.

"We hold a positive attitude to the post-war construction in Libya," said Jiang.

"China's embassy to Libya was withdrawn from (the capital of) Tripoli due to security reasons there months ago, and we will return at an appropriate time according to the security situation, " she said.

Jiang said the Chinese side "maintains close contact" with the National Transitional Council (NTC) of Libya through multiple channels.

"The Chinese side respects the Libyan people's choice of the NTC as the ruling authorities and representative of the Libyan people.

According to the spokesperson, the NTC leadership has promised they will firmly adhere to the one-China policy and strictly abide by all the existing treaties and agreements between the two countries.

China appreciates the NTC's promise, Jiang said, adding that "we hope to make joint efforts with the Libyan side to realize a steady and smooth transition and development of the bilateral ties."

Jiang said China was not opposed to the release of Libya's frozen assets discussed earlier by the United Nations Security Council's Sanctions Committee, but it maintained that the use of assets and supervision mechanism be further specified.

"We will continue treating similar issues in a responsible and constructive means," she said.

Jiang said the UN Security Council should play a leading role in Libya's post-war reconstruction.

"It is not only the view of China itself. It's the consensus of the international community," she said.

"Only the United Nations has the authority and capability to help Libya walk out of the war, and start dialogues and reconstruction," she added.

Jiang said a UN meeting will be held later this month on the Libyan issue.

"If invited, the Chinese side will positively consider participation," she added.