Yearender: Big events in showbiz

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Yearender: Big events in showbiz

Deng Minghe. [Photo/Agencies]

Chinese opera performer Deng Minghe: June 8, 2006-April 28, 2015

Deng Minghe was a promising star in Yu opera performance. At a tender age of six, he was offered a chance to perform on the Spring Festival Gala, the most watched show in China during the lunar New Year. Deng died of leukemia. He was only eight years old.

Yearender: Big events in showbiz

Zhu Zhixiang. [Photo/Agencies]

Writer Zhu Zhixiang: 1941-Sept 8, 2015

Zhu Zhixiang, a former member of China Writers Association, was the mind behind cartoon production Black Cat Sherriff, which became a classic domestic anime for many who grew up in the 1980s.

Zhu died in Shanghai on Sept 8. He was 74.


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