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Start-up eyes online funding

By Hao Yan ( Updated: 2014-09-05 19:10

Antourong's online platform operates as an information provider and match maker. The platform does not collect nor lend money, but provides options of financing projects for investors.

The company has a specialized team investigating the financing party's certificates and financial reports. After the company identifies a qualify project, another company will guarantee the plan before launching on the platform.

All project information is made public, including fund usage, financing parties and guarantee companies.

In recognition of being a credible online financing platform, received the China Financial Certification Authority certificate in December last year, the first among all the internet peers.

"We expect some policy to regulate this industry to avoid the ‘bad money drives out good' phenomenon," said Wang.

"We are hoping some well-managed companies and brands emerge after a possible reshuffle late this year or in the first half next year," said Liu.

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