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Dayima mobile app being marketed as monthly cycle help for women

By Wang Zhuoqiong (China Daily) Updated: 2014-05-08 06:42

Even though most Chinese women are still too shy to talk about their menstrual cycles, a mobile application is doing just that.

Dayima, the Chinese term for a woman's period, is a mobile application for women's menstrual health. Its functions include keeping records of a woman's cycle, forecasting it, administering a self-test for premenstrual syndrome and advice.

Dayima mobile app being marketed as monthly cycle help for women
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Dayima mobile app being marketed as monthly cycle help for women
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Its founder is a 27-year-old man. Chai Ke chose the category on the advice of his parents, who are both medical professionals, and his fiancee, whose symptoms he observed during sensitive days.

The mobile app, online since 2012, has attracted 40 million registered users and investors Sequoia, Bertelsmann and Zhenfund. That's despite the fact that it has yet to make a profit.

Wang Qian, 32, of Beijing, has been using Dayima to track her menstrual cycle as she tries to get pregnant. "It has been accurate in predicting" ovulation dates, she said.

But Dayima is not the first product Chai's team has developed. Previous attempts at product development include applications to help users keep fit and lose weight and another to track diabetes. But none was popular.

"In the advanced information era, health is a behavior. But if information can't be translated into action, it is impossible to relate it with health," said Chai.

Compared with other health categories, a women's menstrual cycle is unique. "It is so simple but vital to every woman," he said.

"The investment in paying attention to one's menstrual cycle is little yet it comes with a high return," he said.

"If you download an application telling you to go jogging to lose some weight, but you don't run, there is nothing we can do about it. But there are few ways a woman can stop their period from coming every month."

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