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Ecuador OKs airline services agreement with China to promote cooperation

(Xinhua) Updated: 2016-04-15 14:03

QUITO - Ecuador's National Assembly on Thursday approved an airline services agreement with China to promote cooperation in the aviation sector between the two countries and help Ecuadorian companies tap the Chinese market.

First signed in November 2013, the agreement aims to ease business transactions in 22 areas related to airline services, including concession of rights, traffic directing, security, commercial rights, and permits granting.

The agreement, sent by President Rafael Correa to the Assembly for analysis and approval in October 2015, also allows airliners from both countries to open offices in the other country and sets limits on the fees and taxes that can be imposed on each other's passengers and commercial users.

The Assembly stated that Brazil, Mexico and Cuba all have direct flights to China and hoped that one day Ecuador would join them.

"China is considered the fourth-largest source of tourists. However, Latin America is not China's principal travel destination due to its quality of services. Chinese tourists prefer Europe and the US," the Assembly said.

According to official statistics from the Ministry of the Interior, around 20,000 Chinese tourists visited Ecuador in 2015.

The Assembly said the agreement would attract Chinese airliners and services companies by creating fair conditions, fixing prices and preventing discriminatory practices.

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