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Talented young Chinese entrepreneurs

( Updated: 2015-04-03 13:36

Talented young Chinese entrepreneurs

Combined photo taken on March 26, 2015 shows Wang Hui working on his own farmland in Luxin village of Huaiyuan county, East China's Anhui province. [Photo/Xinhua]

Wang Hui, born in a rural family in 1987, is now the owner of a family farm covering an area of 560 mu (37.3 hectares). After he obtained his bachelor degree in 2010, he continued to study in Northeastern University in the United States with full scholarship. During his time abroad, he was impressed by the ideal of ecosystem in American family farms. He brought home this concept after graduation in 2012, together with over 600,000 yuan ($96,840) he and his wife saved by doing part-time jobs there. In order to offer funds and technology assistance for the farmland, Wang's wife Li Luyao are still working in the United States, searching for opportunities for Wang Hui. The farmland has been running in the right direction after three year's operation. Wang was confident about the future of his farm and looked forward to promoting the ideal of ecosystem in China.

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