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Guangdong to raise minimum wage by 19%

(Xinhua) Updated: 2015-02-27 07:13

Singaporeans earn an average of 19,085 yuan per month, while young professionals in Vietnam rank the bottom with an average of 2,117 yuan per month.

According to Nikkei, 83 percent of young Chinese have credit card and 62 percent of young Malaysian have taken loans from financial institutions.

Job-hopping to net 25% rise in salaries by Shi Jing from China Daily 

The continued interest of multinational companies in the Chinese market, combined with the rapid expansion of Chinese domestic firms, will inject much vitality in the country's job market and propel growth of employees' salaries.

According to the latest global salary report released by the recruitment specialist Robert Walters, Chinese employees who will change jobs in 2015 can expect their salary to go up by 15 to 25 percent, while those who choose to stay can also see a 6 to 8 percent increase.

Employees in Beijing working in such industries as accounting and finance, human resources, and marketing can expect their salaries to go up by 20 percent if they opt to change jobs. Those working in the sales and engineering research and development sector are likely to see their salaries increase by up to 30 percent.

For employees in Shanghai, they can also expect a salary increase of around 20 percent if they look for new opportunities in such industries as finance and accounting, banking, human resources, information technology and sales. Walters expects pharmaceutical and chemical industries to have strong demand in 2015, and those working in the operation and manufacturing sectors can see their salaries go up by 30 percent if they change jobs.

But it should be noted thatsales professionals in the luxury industry will see very limited salary increase due to the stagnantindustry. Only 5 to 15 percent increase will be seen for those who change jobs in this sector in 2015.



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