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China to severely punish those using poppy capsules as a food additive

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-12-27 11:05

BEIJING - Chinese authorities have recently issued a notice saying that it will severely punish businesses using poppy capsules as food additives after a series of scandals.

The notice, jointly issued by the Ministry of Public Security, the Food and Drug Administration, and State Administration for Industry and Commerce, said the country will hold a comprehensive field inspection over food producers, dealers and suppliers of poppy capsules, taking a "zero tolerance" policy to any violations.

Food and drug administrations will focus on inspecting restaurants, especially hot pot restaurants and other snack bars, punishing all violations if poppy capsules are found in accordance with law.

The police will inspect market places, condiment wholesale and retail markets, and traditional Chinese medicines stores that supply and use poppy capsules.

The notice urged police nationwide to jointly find out the sources and directions of poppy capsules and set up systems to connect tipoffs and give rewards to whistleblowers. It also ordered publicizing crime cases to the society.

As addictive to people and harmful consumed in a long term, poppy capsule is the narcotics controlled by the state. However, some Chinese food industry practitioners use it as additives.

Although the authority has cracked down on a series of crimes involving poppy capsules, the crimes are hard to eradicate due to huge economic interests.

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