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Nature's bounty from province's vast forests

By Hao Nan (China Daily) Updated: 2014-09-16 09:10

Northeast China's Heilongjiang province is renowned for its massive forest coverage - one third of the nation's total - and an abundance of other natural resources.

To protect the forest, workers no longer log trees but have instead starting to work in a variety of other industries such as farming, cultivation, production and tourism.

The Heilongjiang Forest Industry Bureau even has its own brand - Heisen, or Heilongjiang Forest - registered in 2000.

A range of natural products from the forests of the northeast province now use the trademark - and it is becoming known around the world.

Nature's bounty from province's vast forests

According to data from the bureau, the province's forest industry operates across 100,980 sq km, 22 percent of the country's total.

Products cultivated and harvested from the woodlands, including mushrooms, wild vegetables and honey, are all very popular among consumers.

The forest bureau started a unifying initiative in 2000 by offering products under the same brand, quality supervision, price range and promotional campaigns.

Ren Qingbo, head of the Multiple Economies Bureau at the Forest Industry Bureau, said that efforts to build the Heisen brand have increased in the past two years.

Heisen Group is now comprised of more than 30 companies with total assets of 834 million yuan ($135 million). The group has set up a sales network and is cooperating with production centers in the forest area. Total revenue of the group is expected to reach 20 billion yuan by 2016.

Heisen products are now widely recognized by consumers and the demand is rising every year. Their charm lies their originality and natural quality, said Ren.

Products are sold in more than 20 countries and regions. During the 2014 International Organic Food Expo in April, Heisen products won a golden award for organic food.

Heisen group's Yingchun Heifeng honey is exported to Malaysia while its grains are sold in Japan and many other countries. The group's Chaihe nut juice, Suiyang mushrooms and Qinghe blueberries are served at State dinners. Heisen products are also featured in a range of expos in the country.

Building on the success, the forest industry area is still expanding its business and markets around the country.

Zhang Tu, general manager of Heisen Group, said it now has more than 60 member stores around the country. "By 2015, the group will open 30 stores in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, with the number of stores expected to surpass 100."

Nature's bounty from province's vast forests Nature's bounty from province's vast forests
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