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Hope for the future

By Mike Bastin (China Daily) Updated: 2014-05-19 07:33

Though much attention has been paid to the precise meaning of the Chinese Dream, as envisaged by President Xi Jinping, most of the discussions have centered on the connection between national values, individual lifestyles and hopes for the future.

Hope for the future
Capitalizing on the sweeping new zeitgeist 
Hope for the future 
Chinese Dream in Western Eyes 
Recent discussions on the subject have spread further into the area of Chinese consumer culture and the likely impact it would have in triggering the much-needed increase in domestic consumption. But the area where the Chinese Dream could impact most of Chinese society is in its organizational culture and the move toward more brand-oriented business models in Chinese companies.

Essentially, it is only with domestic and international brand building success inside Chinese companies that any tangible and permanent increase in consumption across China will be achieved.

The Chinese Dream can play a pivotal part here. Most agree that President Xi's vision, as set out in his Chinese Dream, presents a combination of powerful national values such as "pride", "patriotism", "self-belief", "ambition", "innovation" and even "assertiveness", which should form a key guiding path for future Chinese society and individual lifestyles.

Many also agree that many of these values are precisely what most Chinese organizations still lack as they attempt to modernize and compete with higher quality products and brand both domestically and internationally.

In short, therefore, the Chinese Dream represents a set of values that most Chinese companies should now inculcate into their own corporate cultures.

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