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Cooperation for people's well-being

By An Chunying (China Daily) Updated: 2014-05-08 07:11

All these aim to promote local economic and social development, improve the living conditions of local people and consolidate the development capabilities of African countries. Such assistance has contributed to African countries' national strategies and actions on poverty reduction.

The second is on the enterprise level. Chinese enterprises investing in Africa create production value and employment and increase local tax revenues so as to help fund African countries' efforts to implement poverty reduction. Through the localization of their business model, these enterprises shoulder their social responsibilities, provide training for technical personnel and improve the quality of local human resources.

Cooperation for people's well-being
Cooperation for people's well-being
In addition, Chinese enterprises also participate in the public welfare of host countries, including donations, mending roads, building bridges, hospitals and schools, which have facilitated the improvement of local people's livelihoods.

The third is on the non-government organization level. The International Poverty Reduction Center in China, China NGO Network for International Exchanges, China-Africa Business Council and other NGOs help further expand bilateral cooperation by holding seminars on poverty reduction and carrying out specific projects, such as China-Africa Brightness Action.

China's cooperation with Africa on poverty reduction has been unfolding in a comprehensive and multilevel way with governments, enterprises and NGOs engaging in effective interactions that has progressed from the initial period of providing charitable assistance into sharing China's effective formula of "teaching a man how to fish", helping African countries improve their ability in self-development to raise local people's production and living conditions.

At present, both China and Africa are striving for a path of development that is suitable to their own conditions in pursuit of the Chinese Dream and African Dream. Enhancing mutual learning and sharing their experiences are beneficial to the enrichment of international efforts at poverty reduction and development, and inject new blood into African countries' poverty reduction efforts with foreign countries.

African countries, of course, in the process of learning from the experiences of others and achieving their dream of shaking off poverty need to take into full consideration their unique national conditions and form their own poverty reduction mode with African characteristics. Hopefully, China and Africa can join hands to realize their dreams.

The author is a researcher with the Institute of West Asian and African Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.


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