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Game of interests in China's regional integration

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-04-14 17:42

Resource disparity

Being China's capital, Beijing is home to the country's most elite universities, renowned hospitals and state-owned enterprises, areas in which Tianjin and Hebei lag far behind.

If the planned integration is to succeed, the huge gap in public resources and services is a hurdle that must be conquered.

Zhang said it is necessary to jointly build and share public resources in those regions, and to promote resources in the capital to radiate and extend to nearby regions through various means.

Meanwhile, surrounding areas should increase inputs in medicare and education to narrow the gap, the academic noted.

Another harsh reality is China's rigid Hukou, or household registration, system. With this tying access to basic welfare and public services to one's place of residence, it will undoubtedly make those enjoying the Beijing status reluctant to leave.

"If people's real concerns were addressed, the integration process will proceed like splitting bamboo," said Hu Gang, a member of the Urban Planning Society of China.

Transport network

Although development in recent years has made it more convenient to travel among the regions, a considerable number of roads are still not connected.

"Each of the three regions has its own interests, and the biggest problem lies in who will shoulder the costs," an official from Tianjin's economic planner disclosed.

As transport is seen as a key breakthrough in the integration plan, authorities have already stepped up coordination efforts, with a joint plan between the regions already on the drawing board.

But Zhu Erjuan, a professor with the Capital University of Economic and Business, said that mere transport convenience is not enough.

"If supporting policies do not catch up, there will just be another round of sleeping cities," she cautioned.

Game of interests in China's regional integration

Game of interests in China's regional integration

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