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China further smoothes expressway traffic

(Xinhua) Updated: 2012-10-03 23:20

BEIJING - Small passenger vehicles will be allowed to directly pass expressway toll stations starting Thursday noon, a move that the Ministry of Transport said will prevent jams.

During September 30 - October 7 holiday period, passenger vehicles with no more than 7 seats are exempted from expressway tolls as the nation seeks to boost travels and domestic consumption.

However, the vehicles have continued to be halted at toll stations to get the toll cards before they were allowed to pass. Further, the cards needed to be given back at the next exit, which slowed traffic and caused jams in some popular scenic spots.

The Ministry of Transport issued an urgent notice late Wednesday asking toll station workers to no longer give toll cards to passenger vehicles in order to speed up traffic.

He Jianzhong, spokesman of the ministry, said the measure aims to better cope with another traffic peak to come amid increasing return trips when the holiday is approaching the end.

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