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Internet Plus should mean smarter lives

[2015-07-03 09:07]

The nation's "Internet Plus" initiative has developers and Internet companies rushing to tie the knot. Industry observers say these "marriages" will create a smart-cities.

Hong Kong's drive for success is not in question

[2015-07-02 07:27]

My mainland friends and I often engage in intense debates about whether or not Hong Kong has already become marginalized financially.

Green steps can pave the way for bluer skies

[2015-07-01 09:01]

The air pollution index, which measures the atmospheric PM 2.5 concentration, once again moved into the unhealthy territory for a few days last week.

If the food's anything to go by, Poland hits the mark

[2015-06-26 10:05]

Strolling through the streets of Lodz, the Polish city around 90 minutes' drive from the capital Warsaw, you don't see many Chinese faces.

Enjoy entertainment for free, while you can

[2015-06-25 09:01]

There are now quite a number of video sites that vie with each other for viewers, offering us the chance to watch their shows at any time, and anywhere.

No sense in forecasting the direction of a bipolar market

[2015-06-23 09:14]

Let me quote Forrest Gump to describe China's stock market: "It is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

China's EV sector in urgent need of a jump-start

[2015-06-19 09:36]

Official data show the country has targeted having 500,000 EVs on its roads by 2015, and 5 million by 2020, but the total hit just 120,000 at the end of 2014, and has largely stayed in neutral so far this year.

Equity rewards to energize financing options for startups

[2015-06-18 09:45]

Equity-based crowd-funding was a relatively new and innovative financial tool designed to help startups and small businesses.

Luxury handbags becoming hot investments

[2015-06-17 10:04]

The rarity of luxury handbags has already attracted the attention of leading auction houses which have now created a new business category around them.

Taking right steps to climb the technology ladder

[2015-06-16 10:11]

Something inevitable has happened to the relationship between hardware and software-the two have now largely merged into one.

Food labeling is sensible, but within limits

[2015-06-12 10:01]

Food labeling is a sensible thing, but equally you could become paranoid reading every label you see.

Mobilizing idle hands during a downturn

[2015-06-11 10:55]

Car-hailing apps offer daily commuters private car service as an alternative to the crowded public transport system and the taxi service that is often in shortage.

Tickling the palates of China's hungry middle-class

[2015-06-10 09:23]

Barely a week passes without someone, or somewhere, claiming progress in attracting buyers from what is now the world's most influential consumer group-the Chinese middle class.

Booming prepaid consumption riddled with pitfalls

[2015-06-09 11:10]

Ask any Chinese salarymen about their bulging wallets, and you'll find they're more likely to be jam-packed with stored-value cards than wads of cash.

When dealing in debt, normal rules don't apply

[2015-06-05 09:40]

China's regional governments reported total direct debt of 16 trillion yuan ($2.58 trillion) at the end of last year, a 47 percent surge over 18 months, while direct and indirect debt exceeded 25 trillion yuan, larger than Germany's GDP.

'Public accounts' losing allure on social media

[2015-06-04 09:53]

More than 8 million public accounts were created in the following less than two and one half years, which means nearly 9,000 public accounts were born every day.

Riding the winds of change in China

[2015-06-03 08:02]

Today's young parents tend to be more open-minded as they want to raise healthier and more sociable children.

Mainland money continues to fuel stock surge in HK

[2015-06-02 10:09]

Mainland investors are now being seen as reshaping the Hong Kong market, for so long dominated by US-based investment banks backed by billions of dollars entrusted in them.

Rich beyond his dreams but blind to value of money

[2015-05-29 08:20]

Wang Sicong defines success as "being able to do as I damnwell please". Obviously, he has achieved that.

Changing tastes of modern Chinese households

[2015-05-28 07:44]

My friend Sofia works for a Latin American dairy company that has just started tapping into the Chinese market. She tells me competition is fierce.

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