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Impersonation scams tarnish mobile carriers' reputation

[2015-12-01 08:04]

However, to nip the problem in the bud, mobile carriers will need to ramp up their fraud detection and prevention efforts.

Lanzhou noodles pull in big business at lunch time

[2015-11-27 07:44]

As competition intensifies among such restaurants, I wonder what it might do to Lanzhou noodles in future.

Guinness gimmicks could wreck, not boost, brands

[2015-11-26 07:52]

Brands should tread the Guinness water carefully, especially when they decide to stamp their corporate logos on events.

When personal accounts go public, make money

[2015-11-25 08:15]

Among the public accounts on WeChat - they are my bedtime reading - Lady Pomegranate's Report is one of my favorites.

Honey, my savings got Lynched by a stock

[2015-11-24 08:00]

There is a saying that "if you don't take care of your money, neither will your money take care of you".

Meat industry should introspect before trashing WHO

[2015-11-19 07:50]

The WHO report is not an attack on people's rights or food habits. It reminds people to be careful about the risks in unrestrained consumption of processed meat.

World to gain from China's 'better goods at lower prices'

[2015-11-17 07:40]

Innovation is no longer a fashion statement for the China, it is a sheer necessity.

Let's not discount human touch next Nov 11, okay?

[2015-11-12 11:07]

In just five years, Nov 11 has become commercialism on a vulgar scale-much like Christmas has in the West.

Startups are everywhere, but why only a few succeed

[2015-11-10 07:48]

Some young entrepreneurs seem to mistakenly believe that since the unwritten rule says only 10 percent of startups are likely to succeed, it is fine for their startup to fail.

Why Vivo could be China's first global super-brand

[2015-11-06 09:47]

Vivo is playing a different ball game to reach the top of the heap, and is also changing how the world perceives and treats Chinese brands.

The time is right for China's own Whole Foods Market

[2015-11-05 07:37]

In an era when almost everything can be bought online, a fresh food store is a concept that many Chinese consumers seem reluctant to try.

Too early to celebrate financial bonanza of baby boom

[2015-11-04 09:34]

Don't count your chickens before they hatch. The same can be probably said of a growing market buzz about monetizing millions of babies before they are even born.

Working parents create big market for after-school care

[2015-10-30 07:47]

With working parents finding it difficult to devote their time to their children, after-school care services have found a booming market.

Big company events mirror brash, profligate culture

[2015-10-28 07:44]

Companies go to extremes to create a splash via carefully orchestrated events like product launches, annual dos, earnings disclosures and corporate deals.

Soup, noodles with curry, roti is Asian recipe for win-win

[2015-10-22 07:35]

It's almost coming to one month since I relocated from Mumbai to Beijing, and all this talk of India standing to benefit from China's recent economic turbulence is already appearing downright silly.

Enlightened rural tourism, culture can fuel economy

[2015-10-20 08:05]

Walking through the countryside has become a passion over the years. Leaving the hustle and bustle of the cities for a slice of rural China is always a pleasure.

Chemical firms must search for a more solid future

[2015-10-14 07:30]

By its very nature and composition, perhaps no other industry is as hazardous and unpredictable as the chemicals industry.

Two questions to ponder before you buy TCM stocks

[2015-10-13 09:40]

One of the effects of Chinese herbal scientist Tu Youyou winning a Nobel Prize for medicine has been the rise in prices of traditional Chinese medicine-related stocks.

When smooth fonts give edge to corporate logos

[2015-10-09 08:43]

You don't have to be a typography expert to realize sans serif fonts are becoming a clear choice for tech company logos.

Robots can help axe bad jobs, create more good jobs

[2015-10-08 08:20]

That is what I asked myself when I visited the Pennsylvania, United States-based West Hershey chocolate plant, the largest factory of the American confectionary maker the Hershey Company one month back.