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Sleeping with the robot ... waking up to automation

[2015-09-29 07:54]

While a robot is often regarded as a cold body with a cool mind, some robots can replace human beings as teachers and therapists.

Generous tips via Internet energize the craft of writing

[2015-09-25 08:04]

Imagine writers making a living like a street musician: after reading an article, readers tip the author if they like it.

Manufacturing is strength, and therein lies future

[2015-09-23 08:11]

By producing more goods, not only can China export more and rely less on imports, it can also make itself more self-sufficient and weather future economic crises.

Branding success with logos that tug at your heart

[2015-09-22 09:43]

Many online businesses want their names, logos and mascots to be eye-catching to consumers, so as to impress them the most.

Let us see some substance behind SME rhetoric

[2015-09-18 09:44]

In recent months there's been a slew of initiatives aimed at easing China's transition from an export-driven, to a consumption-led economy.

Keeping the flame alight at times of crisis

[2015-09-17 07:58]

Last year, nearly 20 print media ceased publication in China, or said they were shifting to digital versions. But on the other hand, nearly 15,000 new WeChat accounts are born every day.

Tuning in can help find answers to your auto woes

[2015-09-16 09:51]

The car service market in China has been booming after more and more private cars entered the roads in the past two decades.

Decline of corner newsstands reflects digital challenges

[2015-09-15 09:36]

Some pundits have forecast that most tabloids will become an endangered species in China within 10 years and only a very small number of quality newspapers will survive.

Better quality will encourage more to 'buy Chinese'

[2015-09-11 08:01]

In the past it was common to see luxury handbag shops jammed with Chinese travelers. But now they are expanding their antenna to high-quality everyday necessities.

Shantou offering a glimpse of what to expect in future

[2015-09-09 07:58]

Since China's reform and opening-up process started in the 1980s, this sharp, smart business acumen has earned some Shantou people vast fortunes.

Marathons offer healthy business opportunities

[2015-09-08 09:57]

Long-distance running has become a craze among the increasingly affluent and health-conscious Chinese people.

Let's be more realistic on female hygiene products

[2015-09-03 11:04]

Having a period should definitely not change a woman's daily routine. Equally, we should not pretend that it is not an uncomfortable event for many.

Despite its fame, Apple needs lessons in patient care

[2015-09-02 09:03]

With the emergence of China's very own smartphone makers, and increasingly fierce competition in the market, Apple appears to be missing one of the fundamentals of business: Ensuring its after-sales service is as slick as its products.

Nanny sector needs more supervision, regulation

[2015-09-01 07:40]

A national quality standard for the mother and childcare services sector was released by the Standardization Administration of China recently, which is being seen as a first step toward regulation of the "confinement nursing" market.

RIP cash? Instant, online finance is here to stay

[2015-08-28 09:55]

E-payments, of course, are only a small part of the fast-growing Internet finance sector, which also includes peer-to-peer lenders, the insurance, investment, consumer finance and equity-based crowdfunding sectors.

Will it still be business as usual for the Pink'Un?

[2015-08-25 09:27]

The FT had about 504,000 paid subscribers to its website by February, accounting for 70 percent of its total subscription base, so clearly the FT's digital strength is another massive appeal at this time of struggling print sales.

Storm-delayed flight offers a much-needed lesson in service

[2015-08-21 10:47]

The airline staff at the counter looked worn out, and were being bombarded by anxious passengers seeking help of all sorts. But their efficiency was unparalleled.

It is surely high time for the unification of chargers

[2015-08-20 10:06]

A fish left out of water will die, and so it is with a phone or any other electronic device, if it finds itself without what it needs to survive.

Can apps offer a solution to our urban woes?

[2015-08-19 13:04]

These really are the best of times for urban residents, who can tap an app on their smartphones to get almost anything they want, and at bargain prices.

Print it, build it, move in: All in under three hours

[2015-08-18 09:26]

The advent of a new technology not only excites us, but can have a profound effect on our daily lives.