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China to improve environmental info disclosure

[2012-11-01 16:22]

The Ministry of Environmental Protection has urged local authorities to be more transparent when providing information related to the environment, especially data regarding potentially hazardous construction projects.

China launches probe into EU solar products

[2012-11-01 14:55]

China launched anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations into imports of solar-grade polysilicon from the European Union.

China's PE investors seek new opportunities

[2012-11-01 13:45]

China's economic downturn is forcing private equity investors to look for new growth opportunities in the sector, insiders said.

China to have 1.5m natural gas vehicles by 2015

[2012-11-01 13:34]

China has the potential to become the world's largest market for natural gas automobiles, with 1.5 million expected to be on the roads by 2015.

NDRC unveils plan for natural gas industry

[2012-11-01 09:56]

China is seeking to improve the percentage of natural gas in primary energy consumption, under a policy announced on Wednesday.

Car recall system to impose fines

[2012-11-01 09:56]

China is to release national regulations outlining heavy financial penalties intended to improve management, supervision and safety in the automotive sector.

China amends auto recall rules, penalties tougher

[2012-10-31 10:11]

Vehicle manufacturers and dealers could face tougher financial penalties if they violate newly amended automotive recall rules, which were issued on Tuesday.

New policies support ailing solar industry

[2012-10-29 11:20]

China is creating supportive measures to shore up its ailing photovoltaic industry, which has been rocked by US duties on Chinese exports over alleged dumping.

Nuclear plants set for coast

[2012-10-25 01:11]

The construction of new nuclear power stations, which had been suspended since the Fukushima disaster in March 2011, will be resumed in China.

China may pilot carbon tax in shipping industry

[2012-10-22 17:08]

The Ministry of Transport is considering piloting carbon trading or a carbon tax in the domestic shipping business.

More funds to be available for green auto industry

[2012-10-22 16:36]

The Chinese government says it plans to increase the funds available for developing greener technology in the country's automobile industry.

More funds to be available for green auto industry

[2012-10-22 16:36]

The Chinese government says it plans to increase the funds available for developing greener technology in the country's automobile industry.

Govt to support solar power industry

[2012-10-20 07:52]

The Chinese government will support the connection of photovoltaic solar power producers to the national grid with favorable policies.

China to expand forest coverage to 21.66% by 2015

[2012-10-15 14:16]

China is expected to raise its forest coverage to 21.66 percent by 2015 in a bid to improve the country's ecological environment.

China funds innovation in new energy cars

[2012-10-13 11:04]

The Ministry of Finance announced that the central government will allocate funding to support innovation projects in the new energy auto industry.

Chinese solar panel makers condemn US ruling

[2012-10-12 14:46]

Chinese solar product manufacturers have complained over trade protectionism by the United States to impose heavy tariffs on China-made products.

China eyes domestic market to boost solar industry

[2012-09-26 17:22]

China's top energy agency has asked local authorities to make plans for establishing distributed photovoltaic generation demonstration centers as part of efforts to boost the domestic solar industry amid mounting trade frictions with the United States and the European Union.

China to promote hybrid buses nationwide

[2012-09-18 10:17]

The government will promote the use of hybrid public buses in all Chinese cities, extending their promotion beyond the current 25 cities.

China, EU to negotiate over solar panel friction

[2012-09-12 09:21]

The Chinese government on Tuesday sent a delegation to Europe to negotiate with the European Union about the trade friction over solar panel imports.

China to subsidize energy-saving appliances

[2012-09-10 10:03]

China will subsidize the use of energy-saving desktop computers and air-conditioners in its latest effort to save energy and boost domestic demand.