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E-car buyers to 'skip license-plate draw'

[2011-05-16 10:26]

Beijingers who buy electric cars, or e-cars, could avoid having to take part in the license plate lottery, a spokesman for a Chinese automaker said on Sunday.

China to set limits on new-energy JVs

[2011-05-13 15:16]

China plans to limit foreign investors' investment proportion in new projects for key components of new-energy vehicles to under 50 percent, the National Business Daily (NBD) reported.

China fine-tunes wind turbine industry

[2011-05-11 15:00]

China's wind turbine manufacturing industry will undergo significant changes in the wake of new industrial restructuring guidelines, which will come into effect on June 1.

Nuclear development might be slowed

[2011-05-11 13:19]

China's nuclear power industry might be slowed down since the security standard for new projects will be upgraded, according to Chen Da, an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Tibet to become China's leading solar power base

[2011-05-10 17:22]

Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region is poised to become the country's leading solar power generation base with 10 more photovoltaic power plants to be completed within this year.

Nation will prune unneeded industries

[2011-04-21 10:20]

China may halt new electrolytic aluminum projects and close down more than 2,000 inefficient companies in 18 industries this year because of overcapacity, high energy consumption and pollution, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) said in a press release on Wednesday.

China drafting new rules for small wind farm projects

[2011-04-11 09:56]

China's National Energy Bureau is drafting new regulations to standardize the examination and approval of small wind farm projects, industry sources said.

China may double solar power capacity goal

[2011-04-01 11:22]

China, the world's largest solar panel exporter, is likely to boast 10 gigawatts (gW) of solar power capacity by 2015 from the current 1 gW, doubling its existing target amid rising doubts about the safety of nuclear power.

China to raise renewable power tariffs within 2 years

[2011-04-01 10:11]

China plans to raise the price of power generated from renewable sources over the next two years in order to stimulate clean energy investment, China's electricity regulator said on Thursday.

Green light for hard targets

[2011-03-28 16:22]

Five-year plans (FYPs), which set down and clarify national strategy, are one of China's most important policy tools. They will play a pivotal role in putting the country on a green development path.

China to impose rare earth resource tax from April 1

[2011-03-24 17:51]

China will impose a tax on rare earth minerals starting April 1, according to a statement issued jointly by the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation to rare earth producers.

More subsidy for high-efficiency motors

[2011-03-21 17:43]

The Chinese government decided to inject more subsidies to the high-efficiency electric motor industry in a bid to popularize the device throughout the country, Shanghai Securities News reported Monday.

Energy development plan to be fixed by March

[2011-03-14 15:16]

China's energy development strategy for the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) will focus on a structural adjustment of its energy resources.

China to lower coal burning pollutants

[2011-03-12 16:02]

China will continue to lower the emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, major pollutants from coal burning, this year on the basis of 2010, Vice-minister of Environmental Protection Zhang Lijun said Saturday.

Beijing to tighten vehicle emission standards

[2011-03-12 15:23]

Beijing will apply a stricter emission standard for the city's five million motor vehicles next year to reduce automobile exhaust, the biggest source of air pollution in the Chinese capital, an environmental official said Saturday.

China unveils clean energy plans for next 5 yrs

[2011-03-05 09:19]

China on Saturday announced goals of building 235 million kilowatts of power generation capacity from clean energy forms in the next five years, in an effort to trim the country's heavy reliance on fossil fuels.

Green standards issued for rare earths

[2011-03-01 09:05]

Environmental standards governing the production of rare earths, specifically concerning pollutants, were issued on Monday to ensure the sector's sustainable development.

China to promote energy-saving building materials in rural area

[2011-02-21 17:25]

The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development's (MOHURD) Department of Village and Township Construction set plans to provide subsidies for energy-saving building materials, the Shanghai Securities News reported Monday.

'Green' financing channels for green industry

[2011-02-11 11:07]

China will establish easy financing channels for companies that manufacture energy-saving and environment-protecting equipment, the Shanghai Securities Journal reported Friday.

China to launch strict water protection measures

[2011-01-30 13:42]

China will carry out strict water resource management measures to fight water shortages, Minister of Water Resources Chen Lei said Sunday.