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China vows ecological protection: communique

[2013-11-12 20:26]

The Communist Party of China (CPC) has vowed to establish a sound system to protect the country's ecological environment, according to a communique released after a key session about reform.

China solar panel makers turn to solar farm

[2013-11-08 10:02]

Many of China's solar panel makers are now looking to invest in solar farms to help return to profitability, industry officials say.

Shanghai set to start carbon emission trading

[2013-11-06 17:13]

Carbon emission trading will soon start in Shanghai, the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission announced Tuesday.

Harsher punishments urged to battle air pollution

[2013-11-05 21:48]

Harsher punishments on polluters are needed to help improve air quality in China, a senior Chinese official said here on Tuesday.

Legislation speeded up to reduce pollution

[2013-10-31 08:44]

China plans to speed up the introduction of legislation related to environmental protection and resource management.

A bumpy road for environmental courts

[2013-10-31 08:44]

Bureaucracy and lack of public initiative blocking protection efforts

Beijing drivers face double penalty for emissions breach

[2013-10-31 08:44]

Drivers in Beijing who violate a regulation aimed at curbing pollution from vehicle emissions face being penalized on two fronts.

Environmental protection amendment not put to vote

[2013-10-26 11:28]

China's top legislature decided Friday not to vote on a draft amendment to the environmental protection law after a third reading.

Ministry to begin inspecting most heavily polluted regions

[2013-10-25 00:48]

The Environmental Protection Ministry announced on Thursday it has begun a six-month campaign targeting the most heavily polluted regions.

China to inspect air pollution control

[2013-10-24 17:24]

An inspection campaign on how air pollution is being controlled will be launched in key areas of China.

Draft requires environmental reviews of govt policy

[2013-10-22 09:08]

A new draft amendment to China's Environment Law that was presented to lawmakers on Monday would require local governments to carefully consider how their long-term development strategies affect the environment.

Change to law may make it easier to sue polluters

[2013-10-22 09:08]

A proposed draft amendment to the Environmental Protection Law would make it easier for agencies to file public interest lawsuits against polluters.

Shanghai rolls out plan to clear the air

[2013-10-22 09:08]

Vehicles will be restricted on the roads and schools closed on days when there is heavy smog in Shanghai, under a plan released by the municipal government, China Youth Daily reported.

Govts given more environmental responsibilities

[2013-10-21 16:21]

Chinese governments at all levels will be given more responsibility in improving the environment, a draft amendment to the environmental protection law.

Beijing to impose odd-even car restriction

[2013-10-17 17:20]

The Beijing Municipal Government will soon issue a program requiring alternate driving days for cars with even- and odd-numbered license plates in case of lingering smog.

China issues decree on urban sewage treatment

[2013-10-17 09:53]

Premier Li Keqiang has signed a decree on urban drainage and sewage treatment, as flooding and water pollution is becoming a bigger problem.

Draft regulation raises fines for polluters

[2013-10-13 23:46]

Beijing is weighing whether to remove its upper limit on fines for violating air pollution regulations next year.
Road to clean air starts with new energy vehicles
Other measures for the capital to become green

Other measures for the capital to become green

[2013-10-13 23:42]

Beijing is striving to make its coal-fired heating facilities go green in response to public concern over the city’s poor air quality, especially during the heating season.

China offers solar power tax breaks

[2013-09-30 13:17]

China will offer tax breaks to manufacturers of solar power products, in the country's latest effort to encourage the use of the green energy.

China issues stricter regulation on vehicle exhausts

[2013-09-18 03:20]

The Ministry of Environmental Protection on Tuesday issued a stricter regulation on light vehicle emissions, the fifth of its kind in the country, which will be fully implemented nationwide on January 1, 2018.