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Beijing sets emission cut targets for 2013

[2013-01-08 20:56]

Beijing will continue to lower emissions of major pollutants including sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, chemical oxygen demand and ammonia nitrogen this year.

China to further promote energy-efficient vehicles

[2013-01-07 09:41]

China expects to have 39,700 energy-efficient and new-energy vehicles in operation by the end of March 2013.

Shanghai offers car incentives

[2013-01-04 14:59]

Shanghai encourages local residents to buy new-energy cars by offering free license plates and rebates.

Guiyang plants seeds for a greener future

[2012-12-31 03:45]

Guiyang, a southwestern city, has vowed to increase its forest coverage to 50 percent in 2020 from 42 percent, according to a plan released on Sunday.

Beijing continues to scrap polluting cars

[2012-12-26 03:33]

Beijing's initiative to rid the city of polluting vehicles has taken 458,000 old cars off the road.

PV industry boosted by govt support

[2012-12-21 16:52]

Measures announced by China's cabinet intended to boost the country's struggling photovoltaic sector have shown positive signs as industry stocks surged.

Beijing phases out old vehicles to curb pollution

[2012-12-19 15:08]

Out of concern for its air quality, Beijing has stepped up efforts to phase out old, heavy-polluting motor vehicles, the local environmental watchdog said.

Plan to take vehicles off roads to cut emissions

[2012-12-15 07:36]

Beijing will take a certain percentage of official vehicles off the road during times of extreme pollution to lower exhaust emissions and reduce air contamination.

China strives to develop green economy

[2012-12-14 13:42]

Chinese policymakers are striving to develop a greener economy, for more sustainable growth. The comment was made at a meeting of the executive State Council.

China issues polluting products directory

[2012-12-08 11:03]

The Ministry of Environmental Protection on Friday issued a directory of polluting and anti-pollution products and behaviors.

Guangdong promotes use of LED products

[2012-12-07 20:19]

Authorities in Guangdong province have created a plan to promote use of light emitting diode products in commercial and household areas in the next few years.

China pledges $56b to cut air pollution

[2012-12-06 14:41]

China will spend 350 billion yuan ($56 billion) by 2015 to curb air pollution in major cities, the environmental watchdog said on Wednesday.

Emission cuts unaffected by slowdown

[2012-11-28 07:42]

China's economic slowdown will not affect its determination to meet the targets of cutting emissions during the next few years.

Policies to color future trade environment

[2012-11-24 07:53]

The booming green orientation in the global economy has begun to take an increasing toll on China's foreign trade, a senior official said.

China to better protect grasslands

[2012-11-23 07:53]

People who damage large areas of grassland now face up to five years' imprisonment, according to a new judicial interpretation.

China to cut CO2 emissions by 730m tons

[2012-11-21 17:20]

China is able to avoid and reduce carbon emissions by nearly 730 million tons annually due to the running of over 4,500 clean development projects.

China to expand PV power pilot programs

[2012-11-12 18:54]

China is to promote the domestic use of photovoltaic power generation by launching a batch of new pilot projects before the year's end.

Ecological progress highlighted in report

[2012-11-09 08:03]

President Hu Jintao placed unprecedented importance on ecological progress in his report to the 18th Party Congress Thursday.

Govt offers incentives to electric car buyers

[2012-11-06 15:12]

China's first indigenous purely electric supermini car hit the market on Monday as part of a government-sponsored project.

More subsidies for electric vehicles in Shanghai

[2012-11-05 16:36]

Shanghai has submitted a proposal for incentive policies for green cars to the National Development and Reform Commission.