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Mechanism to force officials to address pollution

[2013-06-05 00:19]

A lifelong responsibility mechanism will help fight pollution in eastern areas, and prevent polluted industries from moving to less developed western areas.

Tougher penalties for pollution

[2013-06-04 09:56]

China's environmental watchdog vowed to crack down hard on environmental pollution and severely punish law enforcers who cover up or indulge violators.

China to further promote energy sustainability: official

[2013-05-30 09:55]

China will continue to promote sustainable energy use and green low-carbon development, Liu Lihua said.

Calls for stronger pollution law

[2013-05-28 01:15]

Environmental experts are calling for a newly amended version of the nation's Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act to curb serious atmospheric pollution.

China launches major coal price index

[2013-05-24 09:15]

A coal price index offering an alternative gauge for the bulk commodity was launched on Thursday in China, the world's largest coal producer.

Tougher taxes urged on emissions

[2013-05-07 10:01]

China may introduce tougher taxes on emissions and use of resources, after Vice-premier Ma Kai said more reforms are needed to achieve greener industrial development.

Green tax mulled to help fight pollution

[2013-03-23 09:29]

China is considering levying a consumption tax on some products that make heavy use of resources and cause pollution.

China to monitor groundwater pollution in breadbasket

[2013-03-09 11:22]

China is aiming to form a network by the end of 2015 to monitor and detect the sources of pollution in groundwater in the North China Plain.

Deputy appeals for greener coal mining policies

[2013-03-09 09:29]

A legislator has called for more policies to encourage greener exploration of coal to improve energy efficiency.

Polluters might face bigger fines

[2013-03-02 00:25]

Experts suggest that enterprises that cause accidents related to pollution pay for all the subsequent economic losses, regardless of the amount

Shanghai upgrades air quality index reporting system

[2013-03-01 21:18]

Shanghai's air quality index reporting system was due to be updated on Friday by the city's Environmental Protection Bureau to provide real-time information to the public.

Beijing launches stricter auto emissions standard

[2013-03-01 21:16]

Beijing on Friday introduced stricter vehicle emissions regulations, which the environmental authority expects will reduce auto pollution by 40%.

China promotes 'green' internal combustion engines

[2013-02-18 10:35]

China will step up efforts to develop energy-saving internal combustion engines and promote their use in coming years to reduce emissions.

China to promote green buildings

[2013-02-13 13:28]

China will demand new buildings in cities achieve mandatory energy-saving standards and renovate existing buildings.

China to cut unit industrial energy consumption by 5%

[2013-02-09 14:24]

In 2013 China will try to cut energy consumption and carbon dioxide emission for per unit industrial value added by over 5 percent, an energy official said.

Circular economy to get boost

[2013-02-07 14:36]

The government set up a target to raise the country's resource-utilization efficiency by 15 percent compared with the 2010 level, the State Council said.

Environment becomes a priority

[2013-01-25 08:18]

Journalists usually report social changes, but sometimes they signify the changes themselves.

China sets emission reduction target

[2013-01-24 19:18]

China has set a new emissions reduction target for 2013 by promoting an aggregate indicator budget control system for major pollutants, says a minister.

Ecology becomes Shanghai priority

[2013-01-18 02:36]

Shanghai will have a stronger focus on ecological development rather than solely focusing on economic growth, a senior expert said on Wednesday.

Legal action launched over polluted water

[2013-01-10 03:06]

The Handan Winter Swimming Association took legal action on Wednesday against the company responsible for a toxic chemical spill that threatens drinking water supplies to thousands of homes in North China.