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China marks out ecologically vulnerable zones

[2013-09-17 10:03]

The Ministry of Environmental Protection said on Monday that it will mark out China's ecologically sensitive and vulnerable areas and functional zones before the end of next year.

China gets tough on air pollution

[2013-09-13 01:44]

The toughest-ever measures to tackle China's worsening air pollution have been announced.
Key points of the action plan  Special

Standard for cleaner coal released

[2013-09-12 19:41]

Beijing released a revised standard for cleaner coal and related coal products on Thursday, the latest move to reduce air pollution especially in rural areas.

Beijing tightens vehicle emission controls

[2013-09-02 13:53]

Beijing unveiled a package of measures to curb vehicle emissions over the next five years as part of the its increasing efforts to improve air quality.
Beijing vows to reduce PM 2.5 density by 25%

China to subsidize PV power units

[2013-08-31 08:14]

China issued new subsidy standards for distributed solar power generation projects Friday, with the subsidy commitment to last at least 20 years.

China may ratify some Stockholm pollution rules

[2013-08-27 10:43]

China is considering ratifying two amendments to the Stockholm convention on persistent organic pollutants listing nine new chemicals and endosulfan, an insecticide.

Pearl River Delta to ban govt autos on smog days

[2013-08-15 07:24]

The use of government vehicles in the Pearl River Delta will be reduced if air quality in the region reaches dangerous levels.

Chinese companies expect detailed green measures

[2013-08-14 10:54]

Chinese green companies have welcomed new measures on environmental protection and energy saving, the Shanghai Securities News reported Tuesday.

New green policy gives industries a big boost

[2013-08-12 07:15]

China will speed up development of the energy-saving sector and make it a pillar of the national economy by 2015, top policymakers said on Sunday.

Govt step up supervision of environmental protection

[2013-08-07 16:28]

Several governmental agencies jointly launched a plan to expand the management of environmental protection measures during the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-15).

Hainan issues steep fines for felling trees

[2013-07-31 11:21]

People chopping down ancient trees can be fined as much as 400,000 yuan ($64,756) per tree in China's southernmost province of Hainan.

China gives approval to tough air emissions plan

[2013-07-25 07:19]

China's environment watchdog has issued its most comprehensive and toughest plan to control and in some regions reduce air pollution by the year 2017.

China to implement stricter air quality controls

[2013-07-23 03:35]

Environment Minister Zhou Shengxian announced that China will issue a series of tough measures by the end of July to curb air pollution.

China moves to address drinking water woes

[2013-07-22 15:16]

The Chinese government will enhance monitoring of drinking water sources, control poisonous contaminants and step up early warning mechanisms.

China endeavors to boost wildlife protection

[2013-06-19 13:30]

To better protect the country's biodiversity, China is pooling efforts to further protect endangered species and crack down on illegal animal trafficking.

Ecological evaluations urged

[2013-06-18 07:26]

Adopting environmental criteria for evaluating the performance of local officials is the most immediate way to promote green development in China.

Shaanxi sewage supervision launched

[2013-06-17 19:14]

The provincial environment watchdog will supervise sewage treatment plants in Shaanxi, China Daily learned on Monday from the Provincial Environmental Protection Department.

Tough measures introduced to curb air pollution

[2013-06-14 23:21]

The State Council outlined a string of measures for curbing the air pollution that is plaguing the country, vowing "tough measures for tough tasks".

China to supervise renewable energy law implementation

[2013-06-06 11:33]

China's top legislature on Wednesday established an inspection team to oversee the implementation of the Law on Renewable Energy.

China strengthens air pollution control

[2013-06-05 21:15]

Authorities in the provincial capital of Hefei started using unmanned aerial vehicles and police helicopters this year to monitor wheat harvesting efforts.