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Pittsburgh ahead of G20 financial summit

Updated: 2009-09-25 15:24

Pittsburgh ahead of G20 financial summit
A security police and his snuff dog take a rest after checking the equipment of reporters covering the G20 summit at Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, on Thursday morning. All media must pass through a security screening checkpoint which is several blocks away from the summit venue at David L. Lawrence Convention Center where they then take a bus to the convention center. Leaders of the world's biggest economies will meet at the convention center on Friday (US eastern standard time) to discuss such issues as global economic recovery, reform of the international financial system, climate change and trade protectionism. [China Daily/Huang Xiangyang]

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Many high-level international meetings have been held to fight the global financial crisis since September 2008 when the Wall Street investment bank giant Lehman Brothers collapsed.
The G20 summit in Pittsburgh has been highly anticipated for the active role it could play in bringing a stable and lasting momentum to the emerging global economic recovery.
I hope China will categorically outline her stance on vital international issues. I would be totally disappointed if deliberations after this UN summits turn out to be "the same old wine in old cups."
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