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The world is now flat, at least, for consumers

[2017-11-08 07:32]

Seeing is believing. Should visiting US President Donald Trump have extended his stay in China a little longer, he would have been able to witness the unbelievable avalanche of online shopping orders that Chinese consumers will make during the Singles Day sales bonanza, which starts on Nov 11.

Fintech highlights the good, bad and ugly of lending

[2017-11-01 07:45]

The controversy about some Chinese online small consumer credit providers allegedly overcharging their clients should not invite a blanket ban.

The flood of mortgage loans cannot lift all boats

[2016-10-19 14:27]

China's steady economic growth in the third quarter has won precious time for the country to further boost domestic consumption and take up the slack for slowing trade growth.

Curb all-pervasive inflationary pressures

[2011-05-12 07:59]

Since inadequate supply of vital services will result in a considerable rise in the cost of living for consumers, Chinese policymakers should not allow it to stay below the radar

It will be another golden decade if ...

[2010-03-01 08:04]

Three decades of nearly double-digit growth have made China into a unique economic miracle. Will it be able to continue its long-term growth story into the new decade?

The domestic call for rebalancing growth

[2010-01-25 06:56]

The rebound of the Chinese economy will boost hopes of a steady revival in the global economy this year.

Make it a decade of global rebalancing

[2010-01-04 07:17]

The New Year snow that engulfed Beijing yesterday cheerfully added to the magnificence of the city by sketching a silver outline on its mushrooming high-rises and lightly putting a blanket over underdeveloped zones.

The true heroes behind global recovery

[2009-12-21 06:34]

The domestic media last week showed much excitement when the Chinese Worker emerged as a runner-up in Time magazine's Person of the Year list for 2009.

Time for debate on exit strategies

[2009-11-23 07:57]

The different pace of economic recovery across the world highlights not only the varying degrees of success in international efforts to fight the worst global financial and economic crisis in decades, it also underscores the urgency to discuss how stimulus measures should be withdrawn in line with conditions in each economy.

Obama should address economic uncertainties

[2009-11-16 08:03]

As the global economy manages to emerge from the worst recession in decades, it is all too natural to have high expectations of the ongoing Obama visit.

More stimulus needed for consumers

[2009-11-09 08:00]

The increasingly stronger rebound of the Chinese economy has triggered speculation that the country may exit the massive stimulus package earlier than expected.

Make Copenhagen a development round

[2009-10-26 07:59]

With each passing day we hear more and more about efforts by different nations to help secure a global deal at the coming Copenhagen conference.

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