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LiuGong builds a bigger global vision

By Li Yang in Liuzhou, Guangxi (China Daily) Updated: 2014-02-12 07:07

Luo Guobing, vice-president of LiuGong's overseas sales and marketing, said: "This country is the foundation for its business brand. With the rise of China's national power and international status, Chinese brands will have golden opportunities to improve their image."

LiuGong builds a bigger global vision

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LiuGong builds a bigger global vision

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There are 500 people in Luo's department, among whom more than 200 are foreigners.

Luo proudly said Mandarin is the universal language in LiuGong, which is headquartered in Guangxi, an area rife with local accents. And about 1,500 of LiuGong's more than 10,000 employees can speak English.

"In every department of the group there are employees fluent in English," Luo said. He argued China should draw lessons from its neighbors to help its national construction machinery industry.

"Both the Japanese and South Korean governments make national efforts to support their enterprises' going abroad," he said.

Japanese construction machinery enterprises went to the foreign market together with the Japanese government's assistance projects as well as the establishment of local financing platforms, which guaranteed the sustainable development of Japanese enterprises.

Luo believes Chinese enterprises and governments can also benefit from the model. He said: "I am happy to see President Xi Jinping attaches great significance to safeguarding the core national interest. Chinese government departments should make more coordinated efforts to protect Chinese enterprises' interests abroad. Chinese enterprises also need to discipline themselves and coordinate with each other in foreign markets to overcome tariff barriers together."

Huo Yan and Du Xiaoying contributed to this story.

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