What's hot on Weibo (Aug 1st)

2012-08-01 17:10:42

The BWF is investigating a women's badminton doubles match between China and South Korea at the London Games on Tuesday after both teams appeared determined to lose.

Who’s hot on Weibo(July 31)

2012-07-31 18:45:00

Sun Yang came joint first with Park at 1:44.93 in the men's 200m freestyle at the London Olympics on Monday. But the Republic of Korea’s flag was raised above China's flag during the victory ceremony.

What's hot on Weibo (July 30)

2012-07-30 22:16:34

China's title favorite Wu Jingbiao has delivered an emotional apology after winning a silver medal in the men's 56kg weightlifting competition at the London Olympics on Sunday.

Spanish athletes mock garish Olympic uniforms

2012-07-19 17:54:24

Spain's garish red and yellow Olympic uniforms have not gone down well with some athletes preparing to head off to London, and have become the butt of jokes on social media networks.

Social media puts fans in driving seat at Games

2012-06-19 10:32:49

Facebook launched its London 2012 page on Monday which the International Olympic Committee hopes will help simplify the event for fans.

Aussie swimmers banned from Twitter

2012-06-12 16:48:12

Controversial Australian swimmers Nick D'Arcy and Kenrick Monk have been slapped with a social media ban and will be sent home early from the Olympics as punishment for posting pictures of themselves toting firearms on Twitter and Facebook.

Chinese student chosen as volunteer

2012-05-24 15:40:31

Song is very passionate about volunteer work and has been involved in many world events, including the 2010 Asian Games and youth games.

Students hold 'Mini Olympic Games' in Beijing

2012-04-28 13:25:42

A "Mini Olympic Games" was held in Shahe Experimental School in Beijing on April 27.

Dreams at Shichahai Sports School

2012-04-20 17:36:25

Children are handpicked from around China and sent to be trained in the Shichahai Sports School in Beijing as the next generation of Olympic champions for sports.

Barber links Olympics by hair works

2012-04-17 21:40:39

Huang Xin, a young barber in Beijing, works on the final stages of a model of the London Olympic Stadium made entirely of hair, April 17.

Children's gymnastics dream

2012-04-16 14:41:44

A group of children aged between 5 and 11 are photographed training hard for their dream of becoming future champions, April 14, 2012, in Nanning, Guangxi province.

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