Voices on Liu Xiang's fall

Updated: 2012-08-08 17:05:51


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Voices on Liu Xiang's fall

Liu Xiang (C) falls after he crashed into the first hurdle in the men's 110m hurdles round 1 heat at the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium Aug 7, 2012. [Photo by Cui Meng/China Daily]

Feng Shuyong, deputy leader of the Chinese track and field team

It is such a pity but his spirit is there. But in competitive sports, anything can happen. Liu Xiang will not withdraw unless his injuries are intolerable. I believe all the Chinese people can understand the situation.

He is not thinking about retiring. (But) it is hard to say (if he will return). I hope all the fans can understand this, and that anything can happen. It happens to many athletes.

Andy Turner, British hurdler who was grouped with Liu Xiang and qualified for the semifinals

I regard him as probably the best hurdler in history and have so much respect for him. It was horrible seeing him limp off like that so you have to go and help people.

Voices on Liu Xiang's fall

Liu Xiang (C) is helped off the track by Britain's Andrew Turner (L) and Spain's Jackson Quinonez after crashing into the first hurdle and failing to finish his men's 110m hurdles round 1 heat at the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium, Aug 7, 2012. [Photo/Agencies]

Aries Merritt, US hurdler who qualified for the semifinals

I do not think he was injured before the competition. He warmed up great. Everything looked fine. I just think he had a technical mistake. He got too close to the hurdle. He clipped it and it is really hard to recover after something like that.

Usain Bolt, Jamaican star sprinter

It must be hard for that to happen for the second time in a row. He's a great athlete. One of the most amazing things is that he came back. He switched legs and started leading with a different leg. He's a true champion. It's so bad for him.

Daily Mail

This could be a sad end for Xiang, one of the greatest ever hurdlers, who eventually had to leave the track in a wheelchair.

Dong Rina, CCTV track and field reporter

Liu Xiang has already been a legend. Winning gold is not the only purpose for his return. The more valuable thing is that he recognized and went beyond himself to push the envelope and promote technical innovation. It is sport that encouraged his return to the track. Just like the London Olympics slogan goes - Inspire a generation - Liu Xiang is a real role model and will encourage more people to keep going on.

Han Qiaosheng, CCTV sports commentator

Although we can't see Liu Xiang in the final of Men's 110m hurdles, but I believe a lot of people, like me, will imagine that he is still there running in the final showdown. That's what Liu Xiang has left for us. Eight years ago, he impressed the whole world with a stunting performance in Athens and his influence on the next generation could last for 10 or even 20 years. For Liu Xiang told the world that we Chinese could also become champions.

Langlang, Chinese pianist

Liu Xiang, you are always the hero!

Ma Dingsheng, Phoenix VT host and commentator

Only "accident" is not convincing enough. It is not Liu Xiang or his coach who is bound to tell the truth, but the greatest benefiter of an Olympic gold medal. Commercial performance and political campaign other than dedication to the Games are all against the Olympic spirit.

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