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Updated: 2012-08-08 08:16:49

( China Daily)

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"Thank you to the greatest basketball fans in the world! Sorry we couldn't get a win- but we gave our all. This level was just too much for us."

Chinese men's basketball coach Bob Donewald on China losing five games in a row at the Olympics

@Xie Xingfang

"Windsor is the first stop for my family's holiday."

Lin Dan's wife Xie Xinfang on spending a holiday with family after the Olympics

@Li Nan

"Today, we finished the last game in the Olympics. A difficult journey and a great pity! We lost all five games. But we still want to thank our coach Bob Donewald for having helped Chinese men's basketball for three years! Thank u!"

Chinese men's basketball player Li Nan on losing all his team's games at the Olympics

@Liu Xuan

"Yi Bing is still a great gymnast! His calmness and tolerance is so appreciated. Judges might have been so eager to spend a holiday in Brazil! How evident the flattery is!"

Chinese former gymnastic Olympic winner Liu Xuan on Chen Yibing losing the gold

@Cheng Fei

"He Kexin, no one will blame you, because this is the best of you."

Chinese gymnast Cheng Fei on He's performance in the women's uneven bars

@He Wenna

"When I was in the Olympics, it was i Partment3 that accompanied me and made me relaxed. I am a good man, I am ... Zeng Xiaoxian! I am back in Beijing now and will take a good rest. I will still watch Zeng Xiaoxian's show later."

Chinese gymnast He Wenna after returning home


"Never give up."

US women's soccer team striker Sydney Leroux on the team's difficult win against Canada in the semifinals


"Today we couldn't finish the 1st phase with a victory. The only thing we should concentrate on is our opponent in the quarters. #Team"

Spanish basketball player Pau Gasol on his team's 82-88 defeat by Brazil


"I just try to educate the viewers as much as possible with my insight so you know what you're seeing and hopefully see it a little better."

Former US 400m champion and world record holder Michael Johnson, speaking as a BBC commentator on the 400m event


"US dominated 400 meters for years. Tonight could be first time without a medal since 1920 not including 1980 when we boycotted! Sad."

Michael Johnson, on the lack of solid US competitors in the 400m final


"Gutted to finish 4th. Thank you for all the support. Sorry I couldn't win GB a medal. So disappointed"

British hurdler Dai Greene on the men's 400m hurdles

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"My Country, My Home, My People, My Present, My Past and My Future. Jamaica Happy 50th Birthday. One Love!"

Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell on the 50th anniversary of his country's founding


"Yesterday we met the Duchess, Kate Middleton! She was so nice and she told us she loves our leotards!"

US gymnast Jordyn Wieber on meeting with the Duchess of Cambridge

(China Daily 08/08/2012 page10)

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