Web cheers for Liu Xiang

Updated: 2012-08-07 17:37:50

( chinadaily.com.cn)

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@Liu Xiang: Enjoy my Olympic journey!

@Lang Lang (Chinese pianist): Go Liu Xiang! You see the strong backup group right here?

Web cheers for Liu Xiang

Liu Xiang's father, Liu Xuegen, left, mother, Ji Fenhua, and Chinese pianist Lang Lang, right, cheer for Liu Xiang in London, photo published on Lang Lang's Tencent Weibo, on July 23, 2012.

Sun Haiping (Liu Xiang's coach): Recently Liu Xiang has been training with high intensity, so it's normal that there is some reaction on his feet, which had undergone surgery after his injury.

Dong Rina (CCTV track and field reporter): It's sheer rumor that Liu Xiang is injured again. It's a bit like when you eat too much and feel a bit uncomfortable in your stomach. Can you say you've got big problems in your intestines and stomach?

@ People's Daily: Stay sober-minded with Liu Xiang's first show in London. Three races in two days can be tough for Liu, who's recovering from injury. Hope those who are watching Liu Xiang can enjoy the competition. Best wishes to Liu!

Jiang Bojing (Commentator): Why should Liu Xiang be so hard on himself? It's understandable if he runs but not good enough. But if he has to quit just before the gun starts for some purpose or benefit, it goes against Olympic ethics and will hurt so many people.

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