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Updated: 2012-08-06 08:09:06

( China Daily)

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"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."

US swimmer Michael Phelps, re-tweeting a Dr Seuss quote after ending his career with a 22nd Olympic medal


"What a day!!! Olympic champion!!!! Thanks to everyone there today who has helped me along the way!! I love u all!! Oh and when my postbox is painted gold tweet me your pics with it :-) x"

Britain's Laura Trott, after winning the women's cycling team pursuit, looks forward to the Royal Mail repainting a post box in her hometown to mark the occasion



Dutch swimmer Ranomi Kromowidjojo tweets for joy after winning the women's 50m freestyle gold

@Feng Zhe Xiaopang

"I dared not eat ice cream and dessert in the past few days when I was preparing for the competition."

Chinese gymnast Feng Zhe


"Sun Yang is too handsome!"

Chinese women's basketball player Zhao Shuang on Sun winning the men's 1,500m freestyle

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@He Wenna

"Happy birthday to you, my dear dad! I love u! I wish to be your daughter again if there is another life."

Chinese gymnast He Wenna, who earned third place in the trampoline finals

@Zhang Chenglong2012

"In this Olympic Games, what I need to do is to make you listen to more of the Chinese national anthem, March of the Volunteers."

Chinese gymnast Zhang Chenglong

@Yi Siling

"That's too bad. I have developed again a bad habit of eating instant noodles each night! Wow I'd better do some embroidery and be a weaving girl."

Chinese Olympic shooting champion Yi Siling talks about her life

@Women's Basketball player No 8 Miao Miao

"When I got back to the village, I met Liu Xiang. How great if I met you earlier. Your kindness has helped cure my stomach troubles. Wish brother Xiang a good result in the competition."

Chinese basketball player Miao Lijie on meeting Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang

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@Du Li

"A very harsh competition in the Olympics! I've prepared 4 years for this day, but today I seem to be a little unlucky. I cried, and smiled, I have tried everything! This is also a greatly valuable wealth in my life! Thanks for your support. I am OK now, I won't cry anymore."

Chinese shooter Du Li on losing the 50m rifle


"Does everyone have #Olympicfever yet?"

British diver Tom Daley on the Olympic atmosphere


"Does anybody remember a few days ago when some people were moaning about lack of GB medals? Seems like a long time ago now!"

British cyclist Chris Hoy on Britain's performance on Saturday with five gold medals


"Forget about Super Saturday, this was Spectacular Saturday! What a night! So so proud."

London's mayor Boris Johnson on Britain's spectacular performance Saturday


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