Host blames rule for badminton farce

Updated: 2012-08-02 11:26:32


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Bai Yansong, news anchor with China Central Television (CCTV), has come to the defense of the eight female Olympic badminton players who were disqualified from the Games for intentionally trying to lose their early matches, Sina Sports reported.

"People are judging these athletes' morals, but has anyone been in their shoes?" Bai said. "If you win and are already qualified, would you play a stronger team just to meet your own teammates in the next round?"

Bai said he believes athletes are not to blame for the Badminton World Federation's decision to use a round-robin format, which unlike a straight knockout tournament can reward losing teams by creating later matchups against weaker ones.

He also suggested that the Chinese team appeal for a rule change.

"It is the unreasonable rule, not the players, that should be blamed," Bai said. "Any rule that merits the losers should be changed." The eight players from four teams — two from South Korea, one from Indonesia and one from China — were disqualified Wednesday after a disciplinary hearing in which they were found to be trying to lose their early matches.

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