Olympic Park

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Olympic Park

London 2012 has been the catalyst for transforming 2.5 square kilometres of land in east London. What was once industrial land has been rapidly transformed over the last few years into green space that both visitors to the Games and local residents can enjoy.

As well as being home to eight venues – including the iconic Olympic Stadium, Aquatics Centre and Velodrome – the Olympic Park will host a range of exciting attractions and events during the Games.

To help visitors find their way around, the Olympic Park has been divided into four different zones. Each of these zones has its own unique atmosphere – from how they look, down to the type of food and drink available to buy there.

The Street Market

See and do:

- Live Site

- Bandstand on River Lawns

- Wetlands Walk

- Walk in the Park

- BP. Fuelling the Future (interactive experience)

- The Acer Journey (interactive experience)

- Samsung Mobile Live PIN (interactive experience)

Eat and drink: Grab some tasty street food from around the world – choose from Chinese noodles, Mexican burritos, French crêpes and more.

Don't miss: Take a load off your feet and catch some live sport at the Olymipc Park's very own Live Site. Or check our events listings to see which performances are taking place at the Bandstand on River Lawns.

Britannia Row

See and do:

- Live Site

- London 2012 shop

- RUN art installation

- Coca-Cola Beatbox (interactive experience)

- The National Lottery: It's Your Space (interactive experience)

- Panasonic 3D Theatre

Eat and drink: Enjoy the very best that British food has to offer, including traditional meals like fish and chips or pie and mash.

Don't miss: The enormous RUN art installation by the Copper Box. Designed by internationally-renowned artist Monica Bonvicini, these three nine-metre tall letters are made from glass and stainless steel. At day, the letters act as a mirror, and at night they glow with internal LED lighting.

World Square

See and do:

- London 2012 Megastore

- Great British Gardens

- EDF Pavilion – The Magic of Electricity (interactive experience)

Eat and drink: Sit back, relax and watch the world go by while enjoying delicious international food, from Asian and Italian dishes to Caribbean specialities.

Don't miss: The London 2012 Megastore, which stocks the biggest range of London 2012 souvenirs and gifts under one roof, anywhere in the UK.

Orbit Circus

See and do:

- Orbit

- Steles (Waterworks) art installation

- London 2012 shop

- 2012 Gardens

- Walk in the Park

- The BMW Group Pavilion (interactive experience)

Eat and drink: Get some food to go – from authentic Cornish pasties to adopted British dishes like curry – and relax in the 2012 Gardens while you admire the towering Orbit.

Don't miss: The towering Orbit – at 115m, it's the tallest structure on the Olympic Park and Britain's tallest artwork.



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