Greenwich Park

Updated: 2012-07-10 15:54:05


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Greenwich Park

Sports: Equestrian, modern pentathlon

Greenwich Park is London's oldest Royal Park, dating back to 1433, and is part of the Greenwich World Heritage site and home to the Prime Meridian Line.

Covering 74 hectares (183 acres) and located just 20 minutes from central London, the park offers sweeping views across the River Thames to St Paul’s Cathedral and beyond.

The design and build

A temporary course has been designed for the cross-country element of the Eventing competition, while a temporary main arena is also being built in front of the Queen's House within the grounds of the National Maritime Museum.

Work began on the temporary main arena in April 2012. The arena features an innovative purpose-made platform made from plywood, aluminium and steel which is held above ground by over 2,000 pillars.

The 5.7 kilometre cross-country course will feature over 42 jumps and see riders and horses tackle water obstacles, slopes and hills.

After the Games

All structures installed within the Park, including the arena and the cross-country jumps, are temporary and will be removed after the London 2012 Games. The park will continue to be used for a wide range of recreation and leisure activities.


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2 38 27 22
3 29 17 19
4 24 25 33
5 13 8 7
6 11 19 14

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